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Psychological programmes of mindfulness to keep our MP’s sane. On going hysteria about Russia nudging us toward WWII. A strange project called Minerva to monitor chemical weapon attacks. Fake news theatre. There’s even reference to a doctor of audiences…. in simple terms, cultural Marxism rocks on while there are signs of encouragement such as the Dutch withdrawing finance from the White Helmets.

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s UK Column news update:

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afternoon, all.
Just noticed that UKC has just added its 4000th member.
I wonder if there’s a prize ?

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Peter Hitchens: Brink of war…

Russian hysteria

Ramping up war with Russia…. British troops on the ground in Syria with no invitation

Dutch withdrawing support of Syrian opposition

The Netherlands stops supporting Syrian rebels, ahead of Idlib offensive

De Volkskrant is a right-of-centre quality paper, which makes this all the more surprising

Don’t mention Andy Pryce!
FoI not even responding to Mike’s requests anymore.

From 2013 Brooks Newmark

Giorgadze was formerly very close to MI6, so again, this is very surprising.

Not Novichuckle 2. It does not continue… psychological operation
It was just a case of fear mongering and Deli-Belli !

Project Minerva

Minerva — as in ancient Satanist cult of occult knowledge

Bots & Drones

Fake News Theatre

MP’s take Mindfulness courses for depression

The Mindfulness Initiative

good grief, mindfulness for dogs, you are right

Oxford Mindfulness Centre backed by Wellcome Trust
Interesting connection…

İllusions Challenging Self

Mindfulness in Schools Project

The first man to star in a L’Oreal make-up advert – BBC News

Bad Manners Are OK

Mind Your Manners?

Nudge To WWIII
Nudge the mind…

Policing Behaviour

Doctor of Audiences. Lecturer in theatre at @BristolUni specialising in audience research: response, experience, fandom, value. @BritishAcademy_ PDF. She/her.???

Educated beyond her intelligence — a major problem nowadays.

2008 economic crises anniversary

We need separate commercial and investment banking

Police Scotland

The Rand Corporation
The RAND Corporation brought in the new screening for US generals circa 1990, testing them on whether they’d fire on Americans.

Merge €U military and police



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UKC: Arrive 11.48am To Poison At 9.15am?


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