UKC: Hotel Novichuckle

…. as I type I am listening to BBC R4 PM with Jonny Dymond. What utter codswallop whether their Novichuckle ‘Putin wot done it’ story or the latest Trump ‘is mad’ story. £3.74 billion for BBC tripe. It is funny though! If you want a lesser budget better quality news presentation, I offer you….

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column:
UK Column News – 6th September 2018

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Britain is at war! It was… we believe…  almost certainly… Putin!

Yep, apparently we are near to war with Russia.
An attack on the country?
The Impossible Photo by Craig Murray

The Impossible Photo

Same time stamp?

The name Boshirov is not a Russian name I recognise. It could be a variant of Bashir (a Muslim name known in Russia).
But the problem with that is that Boshirov would be a Tajik (Central Asian) variant of Bashir, yet the mugshots are both Slavs.

Novichuckle in the hotel room!

Oh, the old Traces in Hotel Room — brings back memories of Chris Steele’s briefing to us in the 2006 Litvinenko case.

Dame Sally David: use wet wipes

Hotel Novichuckle! You can check out, but you can never leave… bit like Brexit.
It’s the GRU!

Just looked up Boshirov in an index of Russian names — hardly a trace of it. Bogus name. Tajik form of Bashir but mugshot is Slav

Weapons of mass destruction repeated.

The only way to confirm a GRU ident is for MI5 to match the face against its existing counter-espionage database.

The Daily Fail pretend journalists….
Rod Ardehali
Martin Robinson
Richard Spillet

The Russians at least have a sense of humour….

Melanie Shaw declared unfit to plea

18-19 months solitary

Thank you for supporting Melanie Shaw. Please continue to support her before they put her in the nut house…

Melanie Shaw Postcard

“I’ve never been treated this way in my 20-year career,” she said. Oh diddums!

Brian holds up a Melanie Shaw postcard. Buy buy buy!!!

Handycock announces Lord Prior to be chairman of NHS.,_Baron_Prior_of_Brampton

Brand a liver and sell the signed organ.

Rod Stewart oak tree to be cut to enable mobile communications. 5G?

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