UKC: Appalling & Irresponsible Statements

…. otherwise interpreted as madness and a pack of lies as Brian says at the end of this episode…. as I type I have cooked and eaten through Jonny Dymond on BBC R4 PM programme and then Nigel Farage on his new 6pm time slot on LBC, both and all apparently clueless about the Skripal case, Brexit, cancer now being called the big C and most of the things they are reporting on. Thank God for red wine.

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column:
UK Column News – 5th September 2018

Pre show chat box:
Remember that cyber centre in Kenya for “the British paedophiles”? Spying on China
Trials by video link will destroy local justice, magistrates warn
Checkout this site:

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Statement on Salisbury by Theresa May

The Skripal poisoners! The culprits! Evidence? There is apparently none to speak of…
Interpol to circulate red notices

Samples collected by British authorities not OPCW

It’s the same toxic chemical as Novichuckle, but the OPCW will not name it.
Recklessness of Russian state? Where is the proof for such a reckless statement
Heathrow chemical attack fear… what would it look like?

Chemical grade threat? No problem. We have baby wipes!


Get Al Nusra off the hook.

Blast from UKC past c.2014

Transparency Brooks Newmark style!

Mark SuckerCyborg
Protecting democracy is an arms race?!
Merger of public and private sectors interpretation of democracy, security, everything….
Associated Press is an independent checker?

Access to encryption and technology
The 5 Eyes!

Further fear mongering of far right

Hearing for Melanie Shaw… but who knows when or where?
Don’t mention Beechwood House!

Another day another Roman Catholic Church sex scandal
Pope: Say your piece and then keep quiet!

Archbishop Welby: tax must rise….

Trust No One

Welby: I’m non political. Leave no stone un-turned.

Commission on economic justice?

Is the strategy to implement a corporate structure?
Deep Mind?


Madness & packs of lies


Last Show:
UKC: Don’t Mention The War!

UKC: Don’t Mention The War!


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