UKC: 1948

A document from 04 January 1948 drives this episode. A must watch. Mike predicts a 2nd referendum… bugger.
“I think we’ve got a particularly powerful news today..” says Brian. I watched and concluded this among the most significant and rather disturbing UKC shows. I understand the final draft of 1984 was submitted to the publisher in 1948, though not published till 1949. These details seem more pertinent later than was perhaps intended at the time.

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Published on 21 Sep 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and David Ellis with today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – Brexit: Treason May speaks at Salzburg 2018
BBC gets the first question in…fake choice of journalist for questions…?
The breakdown of Treason May …just like Hillary Clinton…?
Donald Tusk creates a further charade for the public
Who is Ollie Robbins – Treason May’s handler…?
10:14 – RUSI: the truth behind the EU’s creation and infiltration into Britain
A dictatorship coming…?
Perth, Scotland: normalising military on the streets of Britain…?
21:22 – EU’s Monnet: towards the super state without the people understanding
Educational and social propaganda to be undertaken against European population
Book recommendation – The EU: A Corporatist Racket by David Barnby
26:26 – Free speech: social media under immense attack from think tanks
Cultural Marxism is fine…anything else must be silenced
Political voices will also be censored: politicians to undergo psychiatric tests…?
A different political viewpoint…? You are literally insane…
The Frankfurt School and Soviet ideas becoming a reality
Pop stars and film stars opinions now more inportant than politicians
33:26 – Defence: shutdown to drive EU nuclear deterrent as predicted by UKC
EU to take over Britain’s military and nuclear capability in totality…
36:06 – Playing Blackjack: the ‘enemy’ still being created for public consumption
Gavin Williamson: Russian bombers ‘probing UK airspace…serious military challenge’
New £250 million ‘cyber force’ unit to combat ‘terrorists and criminal gangs’
Going after paedophiles but still cannot investigate Westminster…
BBC promotes terrorists as ‘fighters’ – propaganda on full throttle
Russian ‘danger’ is a dog and pony show
44:09 – Ruth Davidson MSP: new book – Yes She Can…
Psychological problems treated with pills…should she undergo psychiatric tests…?
Davidson reveals serious mental health problems but is immune from Social Services
Psychiatric system being used as a political weapon
50:19 – Oh the irony: Chatham House – Brexit must be stopped democratically…

Pre show chat box:
So Gavin Williamson is in Ukraine ““The Kremlin is trying to undermine our values, destroy our way of life, and reverse Cold War outcome”
British Police Arrest Nine People a Day for Posting Offensive Messages Online
…. they are setting up a 2000 strong team at GCHQ to counter Russian cyber attacks

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Salzburg…. Theresa bangs on about the Novichuckle story
Backstop? BBC Laura?
Macron is flapping, French court has ordered far-right leader Marine Le Pen to undergo psychiatric tests as part of an inquiry
Vacuous Nothingness
Theresa has Hillary nervous tick
May is a really poor actor
…. Also the ECJ cannot investigate itself, Orban has them and they hate him for it. Poland will then veto Article 7. Nigel Farage says nada
Whole thing is play acting
Mike: there will be a 2nd referendum

Ollie Robbins: handler pulling strings

4 Jan 1948

Clement Attlee document

Straight from deep state
who how where & when??
€U Plan Since 1948
€U = non elected dictatorship
Propaganda defined: “information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or ”

Perth: uncomfortable watching….

David Ellis: occupational active force
Papers Please!
Crapita Capita?

Propaganda 1948!

The Cameron Deception: “Associate membership” of the EU

Reactionary Right = anyone not an SJW

The Media Manipulation Initiative

Censor everything that does not comply

Marie La Pen being charged and sent for psycho test?!


Devenport docks falling apart

Playing Blackjack….

Pure hype

Gavin: probing UK air space? Lie! It was international air space

£250million for new cyber force

Jeremy slaphead Fleming: It’s the Russians!

BBC talking to terrorists

Ruth Davidson self harmed suicidal thoughts pregnant

Yes, She Can!

Treatment: Pills & more pills
Social Services for Ruth?

Chatham House: ‘Brexit can & must be stopped democratically.’

Marie La Pen being charged and sent for psycho test?!

NPP footnote: Matthew Handycock MP: all 7 districts of West Suffolk voted to Leave the €U. Remain campaigner Handycock was apparently shocked. He has done nothing since to uphold the democratic vote of 52%-48%. Should we have a 3rd vote after the 2nd? If we do not leave the €U cleanly and clearly, democracy is shown to be null and void.


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