These 3 Men Attended Aretha’s Funeral

It was over a week ago now, but…. look at them:

It’s a strange name; not to be confused with urethra.
Aretha Franklin – (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman [1967]

I particularly loved her version of Natural Woman, but how darkly ironic she should have Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Slick Billy Clinton attend her funeral. If the God of truth could descend, access global TV land and enlighten one and all, would these 3 be nervous?

These men are still hailed by platforms such as the BBC as mouth pieces for human rights and goodness knows what else….

They might have been better suited to attending John McCain’s funeral.

How many still view Trump as the pussy grabber and Bill Clinton as an ambassador for women? I wonder what the truth would reveal. Are Trump and Jeff Sessions slow-walking some of these characters to account?

From the assault at the hands of the future president, to the veiled threats by a seemingly complicit presidential wannabe Hillary Rodham Clinton; Juanita Broaddrick believes now is the time to set the record straight and ensure victims everywhere are believed….. this website does work even if it indicates otherwise:



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  1. donald king says:

    Also at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, sitting next to Al Sharpton, was Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam. Sharpton made a point of sitting as far from him as possible. The invitation of Farrakhan (a notorious anti-semite and racist) stirred a rumpus in the States, but largely neglected in Britain. The Nation of Islam is not an ‘Islamic’ movement at all, but a money-grabbing cult. Hardly surprisingly, it has been getting into bed with the Church of Scientology over the past few years.

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