The ‘insiders’ now want us to know they are there. Problem is most think it unlikely.

This article which appears on Miles Mathis’ site is interesting, in that it confirms many of the things written by Ralph Ellis as to who were the Jews – the original bloodlines not those who subscribe to Judaism, a religion created by the bloodlines to control the masses.  Later on they launched Christianity for the Gentiles in similar fashion.  What is the Mathis site all about.  It has to be more than the work of one person, in my opinion, and it reveals a staggering quantity of previously covert information.

There are clues that the site is not simply a truth site, such as the total rejection of the work of The Electric Universe movement.  So what is the site all about?  I believe that revealing many covert truths is necessary before the Satanists can impose direct power and rule over humanity.  They require humanity to be afraid for their system of power to work, yet how can people be afraid of entities they don’t even know exist.  First their existence must be revealed.

The problem is that once they reveal themselves as on Miles W Mathis site, most people either don’t care, or don’t believe what they are being told.  The cabal has operated in secret for thousands of years putting out false histories and hiding truth, the when they want it all the other way around, they can’t do it.  Hence Miles Mathis, and his attempt to expose everything, no doubt the ultimate con – the exposer exposing because he is an insider.

I’ve copied only the first few sections.  click the link to follow it all.

First published July 8, 2018

Hello and welcome. Gerry here, Miles’ German reader from the Fruit paper. This time, I’m offering something much bigger. I’m here to propose a possible ancient origin for the phenomenon discovered by Miles that we’ve come to call “spooks”: Namely, that most famous persons throughout history appear to be members and agents of a secret aristocratic upper class, who literally enact their role, and retire by faking their own death. If you’re new here and none of this makes sense to you, read Miles’ other papers first. I suggest starting with JFK.

Miles has also found out that most of these spooks appear to be Jewish, as they have Biblical Hebrew names, exhibit Jewish customs and retain ties to Israel. Living in Germany, I’ve been vaccinated since childhood against such theories, but after doing much research myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that Miles is right about these symptoms, as uncomfortable as that is.

However, we have no explanation yet, for two things:

1. Why do they identify as Jewish and at the same time don’t seem to believe in Judaism? The spook aristocrats seem to be totally faithless and anti-religious, going against both letter and


spirit of pretty much all religions with their scams. Why would people like that take Biblical names?

2. How did they manage to conquer the entire world? Being a regular Jew according to the official definition doesn’t exactly give you special skills or superpowers, right? It’s rather the opposite: Belonging to a foreign minority, you could face discrimination. The ultra-rich Jewish aristocrats are immune to that by virtue of their supreme power, but that power did not come from their Jewish behavior. Where did it come from?

In this four part series, I will attempt to show that the ancestors of today’s spooks were not the nomadic Ancient Hebrews, but another people, well known in fact, whom I shall start out by calling the “Ancient Spookians”. Ancient Israel appears to have been merely set up by them, and was and is only one of their fronts. They were the elites of an insanely rich and insanely powerful global empire, which already linked and transcended all empires of classical antiquity. And they got that power simply by being the first to globalize. Officially, their empire vanished into thin air at some point, without leaving any records. But we know it’s still here.

The shorthand proof is this: Given what Miles has found out, it makes more sense than official history. It also makes more sense than the theory that humble nomadic folk could somehow take over ancient and modern empires. But not everything that makes sense is true. And if I’ve made you suspicious and alert, by seeming to navigate away from the Jews, then that’s good. Keep your wits together, and keep them sharp. We’ll need them.

[Miles: I’ll keep him honest, don’t worry. We won’t be “navigating” away from the Jews, although that word is an early clue to who these people are. I would not be publishing this paper if it navigated away from the Jews. Gerry will not be showing the Jews are not Jews. He will be showing they are Jews and a whole lot more.]

Here now comes the long and stony path to the truth: I found most of the evidence, and the final link from Ancient Israel to the Ancient Spookians, in the Bible. More precisely, the Old Testament, or Tanakh. Because modern spooks use so many Biblical names and references, I looked there for hidden clues. I myself have lost what little faith I had, and I admit that I don’t like much of the Biblical narrative, especially the glorification of wars and kings. But that is to be expected of pretty much every record in history. No, what I found was something different: Amazingly, the Bible seems to be riddled with hidden spook jokes and clues, also like pretty much every record in history.

This research is very long, so I have split it into four parts:

  • Part I is an introduction with some examples. You’re reading it.
  • Part II analyzes ancient manufactured wars and aristocratic family ties.
  • Part III links Ancient Israel to Ancient Spookia. This is where the meatiest meat is.
  • Part IV is intended as a reward, and eases back into a broader analysis of classical antiquity.Joseph’s Granaries

    We know that today’s aristocratic spook families live mainly off financial scams. Is something like that in the Bible? I think that I found something related, in the story of Joseph, and it’s this story

that first set me on the path of Bible analysis. I remember my teacher reading this story to us in grade school: Joseph is sold to Egypt into slavery, but immediately becomes head servant of his master’s household. He’s then innocently thrown into prison, but becomes head supervisor under the prison chief. He then interprets the Pharaoh’s dream and becomes head advisor to the Pharaoh, and implements a national granary system to guard against a famine, foreseen to follow on seven years of abundance.

So he gathered all the food of these seven years which occurred in the land of Egypt and placedthe food in the cities; he placed in every city the food from its own surrounding fields. GEN 41:48

And here’s the part that my teacher didn’t read:

Now there was no food in all the land, because the famine was very severe, so that the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan languished because of the famine. GEN 47:13
Joseph gathered that was found in the land of Egypt and in the land of Canaan for the grain page3image3995226144page3image3995226624, and Joseph brought the money into Pharaoh’s house. GEN 47:14When the money was all spent in the land of Egypt and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came to Joseph and said, “Give us food, for why should we die in your presence? For our money is gone.” GEN 47:15

Then Joseph said, “Give up your livestock, and I will give you food for your livestock, since your money is gone.” GEN 47:16

When that year was ended, they came to him the next year and said to him, “We will not hide from my lord that our money is all spent, and the cattle are my lord’s. There is nothing left for my lord except our bodies and our lands. GEN 47:18

“Why should we die before your eyes, both we and our land? Buy us and our land for food, and we and our land will be slaves to Pharaoh. So give us seed, that we may live and not die, and that the land may not be desolate.” GEN 47:19
So Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh, for every Egyptian sold his field, because the famine was severe upon them. Thus the land became Pharaoh’s. GEN 47:20

Then Joseph said to the people, “Behold, I have today bought you and your land for Pharaoh; now, here is seed for you, and you may sow the land. GEN 47:23

So they said, “You have saved our lives! Let us find favor in the sight of my lord, and we will be Pharaoh’s slaves.” GEN 47:25

If you look at those verses, the granary system appears a little less benevolent, doesn’t it? The grain is taken away while the taking is good, and once the crisis strikes it’s not handed out to the needy, but sold back, in exchange for everything!

Now when I fully read these passages for the first time, I had a question: How does this finance minister Joseph fit in with the earlier nomadic Joseph who was sold as a slave, and later reunites with his family in a very touching scene? And my short answer is: it doesn’t fit! In my eyes, there’s no way the nomad Joseph is in any way compatible with this granary scheme.

We have to ask how the authors knew all these details about hoarding, arbitrage, debt-enslavement and land grabs. It is a hint to the people I call Ancient Spookians. Note that the scheme extends to both Egypt and Canaan. Egypt ruled Canaan in earlier periods, and the Ancient Spookians have an active history in both countries. The Ancient Spookians were also sure to like the arbitrage profiting, because that is what their empire was built upon. And one of their main trade products is said to have been grain, from Egypt.


all the money

which they bought


There is one word in the Hebrew original that led me to a trail that I’m pretty sure has been left by .)נזיר(Ancient Spooks: 2 times, Joseph is described as nazir

The blessings of your father Have surpassed the blessings of my ancestors Up to the utmost bound of the everlasting hills; May they be on the head of Joseph, And on the crown of the head of the one distinguished [nazir] among his brothers. GEN 49:26
ברכת אביך גברו על־ברכת הורי עד־תאות גבעת עולם תהיין לראש יוסף ולקדקדנזיראחיו

And with the choice things of the earth and its fullness, And the favor of Him who dwelt in the bush. Let it come to the head of Joseph, And to the crown of the head of the one distinguished [nazir] among his brothers. DEUT 33:16
וממגד ארץ ומלאה ורצון שכני סנה תבואתה לראש יוסף ולקדקדנזיראחיו

Now what does nazir mean? We shall find out in another Bible story.


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