The British legal system is broken.

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Yesterday a sinister turn of events took place in the UK.

A lady called Suzanne Small who had been researching the negative health effects of 5G went to see her doctor to discuss the issue.  The doctor didn’t share her concerns.  The medical practitioner in fact reported the lady who was then sent into custody under the Mental Health Act.  She is currently under detention in a mental health facility in the South of England (Farnham?).  So great is the determination of the establishment to roll out 5G in 2020, that anyone trying to reveal the evidence so far collected about its effects such as nausea, stillbirths, increase in cancer and other illnesses can expect the full force of the law, or what they use as the law, when if properly challenged is no such thing.

Justice Morgan who has used City Of London vs Samede as a precedent case to prevent legitimate protests against fracking.  No legal representative has dared to put the opposite case that Samede is an inappropriate use of the rules of precedent.  No judge is permitted to manufacture new law.  A judge can only apply the law, and not apply precedent cases which are not relevant.  In the case coming up on October 2nd at the Civil Courts in Fetter Lane, Ian Crane and maybe others are suggesting that Justice Morgan should not be the trial judge.  Otherwise this new body of supposed law would be the work of a single man.

Mark Steele is also fighting an injunction whereby he is prevented from talking about what he’s found out in Gateshead.  In court soon.  Will the judiciary carry on relying on City Of London vs Samede, or will some lawyer of honesty point out to the judges that applying Samede is inappropriate, as the Common Law does take into account environmental effects, and those to health.  These cannot be excluded as immaterial circumstances from a judge’s decision.  Yet that is what the judiciary across Britain is universally doing at the current time.  No discussion is taking place in Parliament.  Or the media.  Yet the legal basis of the British way of life is being swept away by so far just a couple of judges who feel they can ignore the traditions of centuries of the Common Law and break out on their own, confident that they will win any challenge yet to be made in the Court Of Appeal or the so-called Supreme Court.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Clearly there is a co-ordinated campaign to intimidate anyone that offers opposition to the proposed 5G rollout. If it were merely about the money to be made then it is unlikely that the PTB would go to such lengths.

    3 recent cases 1) Mark Steele 2) Prof Busby 3) Suzanne Small

    interview here

    UK Woman Detained At Mental Health Facility For Claiming 5G & WiFi Radiation Is Harmful To Health!

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Wonder why SS was sent to this particular unit ?

    Farnham Road Hospital

    03005 555 222 Farnham Road , Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7LX

    NHS reviews posted

    very poor

    The ownly thing i can say is good is that the food is very good. People are not getting the help they need, just given medication to shut them up.

    Visited in June 2017. Posted on 11 July 2017

    My stay at Farnham Road

    I had the misfortune of being admitted to a ward at Farnham Road. The space was modern and clean, however my experience there was awful – and I left in a worse position that I arrived in.
    The staff had little to no understanding of even basic mental illness. They also had serious problems with communication, both with each other and with service users. This had a significant impact on the consistency and efficacy of care they offered.
    Though a few staff members attempted to be kind and supportive, their lack of knowledge and understanding severely reduced their ability to do so.
    I also had several serious incidents whilst at Farnham Road. These could have been prevented if staff had had more awareness of their own basic policies and procedures, and of patient care plans and risks.
    It saddens me that patients who are entrusted to the care of this hospital are being let down due to staff incompetence, from the floor staff right up to managers.

    I am now at another unit and have worked hard to repair the damage done by Farnham Road. I am now able to see what real care looks like, and wonder why this service is apparently unable to meet basic human needs (and rights).

    Visited in March 2017. Posted on 29 July 2017

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Is Theresa May a closet Bolshevik ?

    Perhaps we should ask Melanie Shaw or Suzanne Small.

    Excerpts From Statement by Dissident on His Detention in Soviet Mental Hospital

    FEB. 4, 1976

    Special to The New York Times

    On the 15th of January 1972 I was arrested and put in the investigation and isolation prison of the K.G.B. [Committee of State Security] in Kiev.

    ‘Anti‐Soviet Activities’

    In general the doctors suggested I cease writing to all my friends as they were all anti‐Soviet and my correspondence with them proved that on leaving the hospital I would continue my “antiSoviet activities.”

    After the Pyotr Yakir‐Viktor Krasin trial they suggested I write a confession. I asked them, “Surely you don’t think that an adult can change his views so quickly? They must be lying.”

    The doctor agreed that they lied but continued to put pressure on me to recant

    But a confession was not enough. There had to be proof that it was genuine and there had to be proof why I considered I was mentally ill. I answered the last question carefully, saying that I was not a specialist D and that I could express an opinion about my own illness. Here it must be taken into account that I did not know their diagnosis and did not know what I should be disputing.

    Dr. Lyubarskaya aid to me: “You are just an ordinary person. Why did you go into politics?”

    I explain that one of the ideas of the Communists was the involvement of all the working people in political activity. The Bolsheviks were ordinary people, too.

    No Use for Psychotheraphy

    Answer: “But you’re not a Bolshevik,” and explanation: “Your abnormality is shown by the way you have always, from an early age, been concerned with things that were none of your business.”

    The following episode says a great deal about the professional standard of tse doctors.

    I asked the same doctor: “Why is psychotherapy not used in the hospital?”

    Answer: “There is no use for psychotherapy in psychiatry.”

    To sum up:

    What is the aim of a “treatment” and regulations like this?

    I saw this in my own case. The first days should break a person morally straight away, break down his will to fight. Then begins the “treatment” with neuroleptics.

    I was horrified to see how I deteriorated intellectually, morally and emotionally from day to day. My interest in political problems quickly disappeared, then my interest in scientific problems, and then my interest in my wife and children. This was replaced by fear for my wife and children. My speech became jerky, abrupt. My memory deteriorated sharply.

    At first I felt it keenly when I saw the patient’s suffering or learned that some friends had turned traitor. Then I became indifferent to all that. The effect of the neuroleptics increased my isolation from the healthy politicals. I did not want to hear the cries, the fights, the laughter, the crying, the delirium. For whole days on end I lay and tried to sleep. The neuroleptics helped me.

    I did not ‘nave a thought in my head. The only thoughts that remained were —toilet, smoking and the “bribes” you had to give to the male nurses to have an extra visit to the toilet.

    And one other thought: “I must remember everything I see here so I can describe it later.”

    Alas, I did not remember a hundredth part of what I saw.

    In spite of my apathy I was afraid that my deterioration was irreversible. I looked at the really serious cases who, they told me, had been quite well a few years ago. You had been able to have some communication with them.

    Several politicals broke down and gave in before my eyes.

    Being a Communist, as far as my convictions are concerned, I would like to address myself to Communists in the West. When I was in the Dnepropetrovsk Special Mental Hospital I found out that among those fighting for my release there were French and Italian Communists. I did not think that this would help me personally. It was the fact that they were taking part that made me glad. For me it meant that these Communists were fighting for a humane Socialism.

    Here in the West, I consider it a duty to my conscience to join in the fight for the release of political prisoners from the prisons, camps and psychiatric prisons of the U.S.S.R.

    At the moment the fight is going on for the release of my friends Vladimir Bukovsky, Semyon Gluzman and Valentin Moroz.

    I call on all honest people to join in this fight.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Is Sen Patrick Colbeck Mad ?

    Here he gives testimony to the senate.

    “a laundry list of adverse health impacts”

    “cancer” “autism”

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