Monty Python On Steroids.

… I made this greeting card artwork 16.11.2016. The UKIP bit is a tad redundant at present, but certainly played it’s part over recent years.

Last night the BBC could not report enough of the latest anonymous ‘high level insider’ voice against President Trump. This follows hot on the release of Bob Woodward’s book hitting on Trump; as if Bob Woodward is a credible source. According to Royal Correspondent and presenter for BBC News Jonny Dymond last evening presenting BBC R4 PM flagship news at 5pm, Bob is just about as credible as it gets. Yes Jonny, and Syria needs a regime change too doesn’t it…..

The BBC cannot report enough on the racist anti-Semite that is Jeremy Corbyn the Terrible. On top of this the drama following the 10pm news last night was a drama about international Jewry and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I could not believe what I was hearing…. the BBC is currently just the best entertainment going; for all the wrong reasons: they are in your face crap awful dreadful useless unbelievably incompetent presstitution every angle any which way you look. It’s Monty Python on steroids.

Book at Bedtime
Episode 3
About 2 mins in… and I transcribe:
“… you see Iris dear, the power behind world revolution is international Jewry. Jews have instigated wide spread social upheaval since the middle ages….
…. Mrs. Scafe’s husband was a retired Rear Admiral as well as a leading light of the Right Club. He was currently languishing in prison with his Nazi sympathising cohorts….
… it’s all part of the same plan, the plan is secretly operated and controlled by world Jewry as laid down by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
… I wish to save Britain from the Jews, and the Communists and the Mason.s. The scum of the earth: Judeo-Bolshevism, that is the enemy….”

Some one at the BBC is directing a campaign to protect Israel and its associated lobby and this little bedtime offering reminds us all how terrible the political Right is and how persecution of international Jewry must always be monitored and countered; such as the awful anti-Semitic Jeremy Corbyn… er, who is as left as left can get it seems. Yes, it’s an attack on poor Israel from all fronts. Still, the blow may be softened by a $38billion foreign aid bill to Israel currently being pushed through the US Congress, but that’s another link, interview and several paragraphs.

The interesting thing is the media hitting Trump day-in day-out is all Jewish Zionist controlled. It just is. It’s a fact. Check the names and owners. If they were Somali or Italian or Welsh, that would be what it would be, but they are…. of the Margaret Hedgehog and Lord Sucks Sacks brigade; and no doubt referring to these two revolting characters in such a way can be labelled as anti-Semitic. Indeed, we are all and everything is potentially anti-Semitic. I wouldn’t care, I don’t care, gender, colour, creed, whatever, I don’t care, but an arsehole is an arsehole and the two aforementioned names have been so unpleasant and ridiculous in their attack upon Corbyn, the peace monger hippy of Westminster, you have to acknowledge something does not quite fit.

Onto online censorship.

Already this is being flagged up as:
‘Certain features have been disabled for this video
In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.’

Who makes these decisions? What is wrong with anything in the conversation between Duke and Tommy? The likes of Margaret Hedgehog do not approve? I wonder why?

So I began listening while I could to:
Pt 4 1on1 w/ Dr David Duke, Donald Trumps Globalist Ties, Fake Media, White Prides & MRA
This morning it says:
This video is unavailable:

But here it is at Real Video:
Yeah! Oh the internet is funny.

These are the preceding parts still available at the time of typing….
Pt 1 1on1 w/ Dr David Duke Speaking On Spike Lee & BlacKKKlans Man Movie & More
Pt 2 1on1 w/ Dr David Duke On 9/11, Larry Silverstein, Globalist Media!
Pt 3 1on1 w/ Dr David Duke On George Soros, Fitness, Social Media ETC

Add to that such material as…

Rothschild Multi-Agent
Episode #247 – ‘Sunday Wire’ with guest host Jay Dyer:
… during which he discusses this: Victor Rothschild, Soviet Spy:
Victor Rothschild, Soviet Spy

These are such interesting times. Some one is worried, but I’m having ball. Trump and Corbyn; can you imagine the panic if Corbyn becomes UK PM with Trump as President pond side? An oıtbreak of peace? Or am I being naively optimistic?


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