Meacher was eliminated for standing up to the Zionists

Faked up antisemetism is merely the tool by which the pro war / zionist parasites have deployed to remove the Corbyn threat. Corbyn was until his Labour leadership Chair of the Stop the War Coalition. The demise of M.Meacher is also a curious co-incidence. Corbyn became leader on 12 Sept 2015 and Meacher RIP Oct 21 2015.

Unlike his cowardly colleagues Meacher had the balls to speak his mind, heresy to the criminal anglo-zionist establishment.

Labour MP Michael Meacher’s speech to the Bilderberg fringe



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Note to recent gangstalkers – battered & bruised I may be but crushed & silent I am not !

    On topic

    The Israel Lobby’s Non-stop Attacks on Corbyn Will Backfire

    Background —-

  2. Jackson says:

    Michael Meacher ran his own blog
    Which I used to follow, his last entry was 3.10.15 just before his death. He was outspoken on many subjects, but it’s difficult to know which one could have been the tipping point for the elite. One thing’s for sure, he would have been a robust ally of Jeremy Corbyn.

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