Judge refuses to take into account environmental hazard in sentencing protesters.

Two lorry surfers given 15 and 16 months.

These are outrageous sentences.

No one was hurt.  It was part of a peaceful protest against the destruction of the environment.

90% of those guilty of a violent crime walk free if it was a first offence.  Now anti-frackers are being punished more severely than knife carriers.  Yet they are protesting peacefully.

Britain is now a corporatocracy whereby the legal profession now acts in the interest of corporations, and not of the people.

Sexual abuse is systemic within the establishment of this country – Westminster, clergy and other professions.

Only one third of sex offenders get a custodial sentence.

Only 20% or burglars get a custodial sentence.

Yet truck surfers were charged with public nuisance, given outrageous sentences.

Sadly but not surprisingly, Judge Alton did note decide in favour of democratic rights and sentenced three of the protestors to custodial sentences and one to a suspended sentence.
Roscoe Blevins, 26 and Richard Roberts, 36 received 16 months immediate custodial sentences. Richard Loizou, 31 received 15 months immediate custodial sentences. They can expect to serve half of this time in jail. The rest on licence. Julian Brock, 47 received 12 months suspended custodial sentence.
A petition has been started relating to the clampdown of civil liberties around this case.


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