Judge Altman Extracting The Proverbial Urine

Bloke In A Field…. the 1st Day of the Corporatist UK Stasi State.
Fighting the unconventional gas industry…. by lorry surfing, which is now an imprisonable offense!

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Judge refuses to take into account environmental hazard in sentencing protesters.

Frack Free Four & Judge Robert Altman

Blackpool activists jailed for anti-fracking protest:

– 9 out of every 10 walk free for first Violent Crime
– 81,000 violent offenders walked free between 2008 & 2013
– 4 out of every 5 convicted of Theft walk free
– 2 out of every 3 Sex Offenders walk free



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  1. Workhouse says:

    It appears that Judge Altman felt justice was satisfied when he gave a 40 month “suspended” sentence to a man convicted of possession of 10,000 child and animal abuse images.
    684 of those images were in the most serious category and 228 were extreme pornography, depicting animal abuse but then he did not cost any corporation money, so obviously a less serious offence.

    • NPP says:

      I shake my head and try to remember to laugh at this absurd country. People! For goodness sake…. but, most are not even aware, let alone care.
      You never know, something lovely can always unexpectedly happen.

    • sovereigntea says:

      search term

      uk judge allows paedophile to go free

      About 6,640,000 results (0.46 seconds)

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