Is Alex Jones A Zionist Gatekeeper?

The influence of Israel within the media could be better addressed. Credit to Owen Shroyer for accepting the invitation to debate, though as so often it turns into a talking over one another discourse. The recent and on going accusations against Jeremy Corbyn in the UK of being anti-Semitic are ridiculous; at least I deem it ridiculous. I’m sure Margaret Hedgehog would disagree, call me an anti-Semite and take offense at being described as Openheimen Hedgehog. In my book she has long forgone pleasantries; ghastly character. I remain perplexed that she was given a free pass calling Corbyn an ‘effing racist and anti-Semite.

There do seem to be a predominance of Jewish and or Israeli voices within the media. Then again I find the finger pointing ‘it’s the Jews, it’s the Jews’ rather silly. The English have been a terror to many down the centuries, but it is not my doing, so saying ‘it’s the English, it’s the English’ would be silly. I am Englişs. There are Jews who do not support Israel, but they rarely receive a platform to say so. David Aaronovitch is a classic BBC example of a gatekeeper who manages and steers the debate what ever the subject. I’d love to hear Gilad Atzmon invited to Aaronovitch’s BBC programme, but instead Aaronovitch simply refers to Atzmon as a holocaust denier. ‘Denier’ is a silly term, yet people fear being called such. The technique works.

Anyway, I welcome that at least so called taboo subjects are being discussed, albeit for the shouting each other down. Perhaps Adam Green could have managed a better job, but at least he offered Owen to discuss and Owen accepted.

Know More News LIVE w/ Infowars’ Owen Shroyer


PS Interesting article taken from Gilad’s Twitter feed…

Mussolini Condemns Antisemitism in Interview with Emil Ludwig: Antisemitism Non-existent in Italy He

June 22, 1932
Berlin (Jun. 20)

“Mussolini’s Conversations with Emil Ludwig”, a new book which is being published shortly by the Paul Zsolnay Verlag of Berlin and Vienna contains several passages in which the Italian Prime Minister discusses the question of antisemitism, which the Jewish Telegraphic Agency has received permission to quote.

Herr Emil Ludwig asked Signor Mussolini whether he believed that there were any pure races in Europe, as is claimed by certain authorities.

Of course, Signor Mussolini replied, there are no longer any pure races. Not even the Jews have remained unmixed. Very often it is fortunate crossings that have given a nation strength and beauty.

Race is sentiment; not a reality. 95 per cent. is sentiment. I shall never believe that any race is able to prove itself biologically pure.

By some queer prank of fate the champions of a Germanic race are none of them Germans. Gobineau was a Frenchman; Chamberlain an Englishman; Woltman a Jew, and Lapouge again a Frenchman.

Referring to a question by Emil Ludwig, who had asked whether there was not some danger of the apologists of Fascism falling into a similar error about the Latins as the Germans and others have fallen into about the Nordics, Signor Mussolini said that it was impossible. The professor you have mentioned in this regard is a poet. National pride does not require racial delirium.

The best proof against antisemitism, Emil Ludwig commented.

Antisemitism does not exist in Italy, Signor Mussolini answered. Jewish Italians have always been good citizens and brave soldiers. They occupy the most important positions in the universities, in the army, in the banks. There are a large number of Jews who are generals. The Commandant of Sardinia, General Modena, is a General of Artillery.

Whenever things have gone bad with Germany, the Jews have always been blamed for it, Emil Ludwig remarked, and now things are very bad in Germany.

Yes, the scapegoats, Signor Mussolini said.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
    ― Lenin

    In his recent divorce papers AJ confirmed his occupation as “an actor”

    It has been said that AJ is financed by the Bronfman crime family.

    Is Alex Jones Covering for Trump’s Jewish Mob Ties? Israeli Press Says “YES,” Sort of…
    Gordon Duff, Senior Editor –
    October 28, 2016

    Years ago, during nasty litigation, radio host Jeff Rense, former partner of Alex Jones, tracked Jones and his backing to the Jewish mob and the Bronfman crime family, accused of their complicity in financing 9/11.

    Now we see the Zionist press pulling out the “anti-Semite card” on Alex Jones, one of Israel’s strongest supporters in the US. Is this a joke? Of course, this kind of childishness would only work with the brain dead Jew hating Nazi’s that have flocked to Trump.

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