Gadhafi Bodyguard Talks To Ryan Dawson

Gadaffi bodyguard talks to ANC

Gadhafi? Gadaffi? Gaddafi? I’ve always written it Gadhafi. The painting is from 2002; commissioned to commemorate a 30 years working relationship between Libya and a Turkish construction company building infrastructure such as aqueducts etc. Note the word construction, as opposed to the destruction ‘we’ along with Obama, Clinton, Sarkozy, NATO et al inflicted upon Libya. What an absolute shame.

Ryan Dawson’s website is; Anti-Neo-Con Report. He offers interesting geo-political analysis and a sense of humour. He supports the Palestinians and frequently censored by the social media platform giants e.g. he is frequently in BookFace jail and has had years of YouTube content removed.

Gadhafi 28/29 brought in by CIA, not Russian Socialist 1969
Libyan patriot
Huge water reserves beneath Libya
Red Cross had jihadists inside their vans
NATO bombed Libya 24/7…. Al Qaeda’s air force.
Unthinkable violent rape by jihadists upon Libyan women…. these atrocities reflect the Bolshevik violence of ‘white Russians’.
Libya is not an İslamic state, it is a Wahhabi shit hole.
Erdoğan is trying to create an Islamic state.
“I don’t wear a head scarf and smoke just to piss them off…. I always carry a gun and a knife…”
Clinton Obama Sarkozy the Qatari fat prince & Saudi brought the wrath to Libya
She knew Ambassador Stephens personally
Gadhafi may be dead, but the man they killed was not Gadhafi

…. Ryan interviews and listens. I listened, found it interesting and perhaps you might too.



Colonel Gadhafi
95cm x 140cm
İstanbul 2002



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