Capitalism has values. Corporatism is automated greed.

Yesterday showed the desperation of the corporatocracy.  IGAS managed to blag an injunction in secret in the High Court in London, no forward warning, no due process.   Same judge Morgan who sat on the INEOS Injunction case.  The IGAS was a cut and paste job.  The ruling is written.  The courts are a charade.

Let’s pretend justice is being seen to be done, and JusticeMorgan should step down from any further particpation.  Next hearing is 2nd October.

IGAS injunction covers Tinker Lane, Misson Springs and Ellesmere Port.  The document provides exclusion zones, which should be studied on the IGAS website.  Creativity has an opportunity to come into play.  The injunction is against persons unknown, except it mentions organisations that are thought to oppose fracking.  It doesn’t even scratch the surface of organisations involved.

The hearing will be at Feather Lane, where a fair hearing is unlikely.  The judiciary are hiding behind City Of London versus Samede.  Yet that case was nothing to do with fracking and was about political opposition to fractional reserve banking.  The basing of the injunctions on Samede is shot through with holes.  Anyone who wants to oppose the injunction application should prepare for 2nd October.

Crane will be spending the autumn in the court room.

Mark Steele at Gateshead is fighting an injunction application from Gateshead Metropolitan Council to stop him from letting people know the dangers of 5G in a court hearing a week later.  Marked increase in suicides amongst those exposed to 5G waves.

Two councillors are claiming their lives are in danger as a result of people finding out they are trying to kill their constituents – surely a most reasonable response.

Another case coming up GCMAF anti-cancer treatment was stopped, plant and equipment seized.   David and his partner are being taken to court by HMRA under the Cancer Act 1939.  HMRA is a protection organisation for big Pharma.  GCMAF has been proven to have beneficial effects on cancer patients, along with modified diet.  The persecution of David will be on Humanity versus Insanity tonight.

The desperation of the corporatocracy is to be seen in all these court cases.  Yet the court cases give the public notification that the government is up to no good with fracking, 5G, cancer and all.   Crane will not be retiring any time soon, as the corporations is ramping up its killing of people for the purpose of making money.  Crane and many others are on the case.  Join them.

Fracking Nightmare at 9pm.  Humanity versus Insanity an hour earlier.


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