Censorship of fracking and 5G gathers pace

Facebook are blocking Ian Crane’s livestreams as of yesterday.  This censorship should not come as any surprise.  They know they are losing control of the narrative as more and more people reject the mainstream media as their primary source of information.  More and more don’t bother getting a TV licence, as they don’t want to listen to the lies and propaganda any longer.

Share this around, as that’s how we breach central government control of the narrative.

The abandonment of planning procedures for frackers is near complete.   The longer term aims include deep underground radioactive waste disposal sites.  Is that why frackers are being made to drill deeper than is necessary for gas recovery.  Prof Fergus Gibb of Sheffield University is writing about this possibility.

As well as abandoning main media, an increasing number of people are starting to take an interest in what’s going on around them, and participate in the decision making process.  Responses to survey show that a majority of people reject even the potential prospect of hydrocarbon exploration becoming permitted development.

The developers have no social conscience, and are hiding the fact that agricultural land is destroyed by fracking, water resources are destroyed, and the environment is filled with long term toxicity.  This is not the way to go.


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