Beware the medical industrial complex.

We watched Holby City on catch up last night and it had some blatantly obvious propaganda regarding mobile phone signals.  They were treating a patient who claimed to be getting headaches for many years from mobile phone masts near his home.

They portrayed this guy as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist and pushed the narrative of scientific studies have been done and it’s not harmful.

In the end he was diagnosed with a condition whereby his delusion made himself sick (SMH).

There’s a big issue with the safety of 5G at the moment and the BBC placed this propaganda in one of their most popular shows.  It was so blatant.

Anyone else see this?

Paul Russell.

The British legal system is broken.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    excerpt from
    TETRA: A Critical Overview into the Death of
    Officer Neil Dring

    Approximately 11 cases of leukaemia, 3 of motor neurone disease, and other illnesses in Fife.

    Importantly, in the above
    locations the residents had no knowledge of the Tetra
    masts. Hence, illnesses could not be psychosomatic. An accusation often used by the government for its scientists.
    Further cases of Tetra illnesses:
    Bognor: headaches, nosebleeds, nausea, disorientation, confusion, dizziness, skin problems.
    Littlehampton, Worthing and so on: with all of the above.
    Crime Scene Investigators claimed headaches, toothache, neuralgia, high blood
    pressure and a cancerous tumour in the throat.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Not in dispute is Professor Szmigiel
    ski’s study where he spent many years
    researching Military Personnel using puls
    e modulated microwave radiation up to
    and beyond the Tetra range. He compared
    these results with personnel who were
    not exposed. His conclusion (in part) was:
    ‘a double incidence of all neoplasms
    (tumours) with a threefold increase of
    cancers of the alimentary tract (inc.
    oesophagus and stomach) and a six fold
    increase of malignancies of the haemopietic (blood/cells/circulation).’
    I would like the reader to keep in mind
    the ‘threefold increase of cancers’.
    Also, the death of Officer Dring was cancer of the oesophagus, as mentioned above.
    The Telegraph
    the Airwave person refers to Tetra as a radio system, this is
    incorrect. In 1998 the International Commi
    ssion designated all systems above 300
    MHz as microwaves. Tetra, without argument is a microwave communication
    system, not a radio wave system. Microwaves
    behave very differently in our water-
    based bodies that radio waves, this is
    why the International Commission made this

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