Because I Can

TAP, I post this because I can. As I listen to the first few minutes, I hardly care if the content is interesting or not, though I suspect it is. Will this stay up online? Let’s share while we can. The on-going onslaught about Jeremy Corbyn being a racist and anti-Semite is so stupid. Corbyn is sympathetic toward Palestine and that’s the reason the Israeli lobby are targeting him. The BBC would never entertain David Duke, yet this chap Tommy does. I had never heard of Tommy until Ryan Dawson referenced him the other day….
I want to be free to make up my own mind. I do not require Google or the UK government or the BBC or Mary Whitehouse to monitor my intake of entertainment and information.

Tommy Sotomayor talks to David Duke. Enjoy!

It is titled:
1on1 w/ David Duke: Movie Blackkklansman, Spike Lee, Hollywood Lies & Why Racial Pride Isnt Bad!


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