Michael Gove moves against the mother-frackers.

Yesterday was a great day.  Leith Hill.  Europa appeared to be pulling out of establishing a well site.  In fact, Michael Gove had instructed the Forestry Commission not to issue a licence.  Ian Crane reads out the FC statement.  The threat of fracking applies right across the country, not just Leith Hill.  Michael Gove’s statement from a speech is also read out.

Is the industry going to be tolerated?   In the South maybe not, as so many MPs from the South are speaking out against fracking in the S.E.

But are northern constituencies going to be sacrificed?

Crane considers the evidence.

One thing we can all do to stop the destruction of the North, is take part in the survey being carried out by the government.

Link to UK Government Survey on FRACKING as ‘Permitted Development’ : https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/9LDDSVZ

Also Europa’s application for an injunction extension was given by judge for a couple of weeks at which point Europa will have to provide the evidence as to why they need an injunction.  They will possibly withdraw their application as a waste of time.  But let’s see.

UKOG appointed bailiffs tried to remove the camp at Horse Hill.  The bailiffs claimed they had legal powers to evict which they do not.  The bailiffs as usual try to bring about a breach of the peace, and that’s all the Police are empowered to do – prevent a breach.  Other attempts were made at another camp – also unsuccessful.  Campers have to keep their cool and know the law.

The battle is far from over, but it was a great day for the anti-fracking community.

Fracking Nightmare is being renamed Fracking and 5G Nightmare.


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