An Intellectual Pygmy MP

From the East Lancashire moors, beneath a seriously fracked sky, a bloke in a field observes the glare coming through the sheen painted across the sun and points out that despite The Royal Society discussing geo-engineering, cognitive dissonance reigns supreme within parliament and the Green Party, neither of whom seem to discuss the issue.

Edit: Geoengineering the climate: science, governance and uncertainty …. support the carbon cult scam, yet do reference geo-engineering……/pub…/2009/geoengineering-climate/

Corporate enforcement mascaraing as police, disturbed protestors at 4.15am to corral them in as Cuadrilla brought new kit into the proposed fracking site.

Energy Minister Greg Clark employs Claire Perry MP to front the government’s fracking debate. She describes fracking protestors as a Traveling Circus while a bloke in a field coins a new title for Clown Claire Perry, The Intellectual Pygmy….

You can imagine the dishonourable MP responding with claims of being offended, which of course is far more important for Corporate Enforcement than mere burglary or break-in.

CORPORATE ENFORCEMENT … & an Intellectual Pygmy in Government!


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