A Plane Did Hit The Pentagon

A plane, not a missile, did hit the Pentagon
Judy Wood, Rebecca Roth, Jim Fetzer, most of the Alex Jonestown crew are wrong.

I recommend this summary worth a listen. Ryan Dawson has his critics, but I suggest he offers some intriguing analysis and commentary.
I bought the Judy Wood and Rebekah Roth books. I now question both.

Can Ryan explain 9/11 in 2 mins?
No, but he has a good go…. 47 mins in:

Would Christopher Bollyn talk to Ryan Dawson? It seems not.

Bollyn offers good info… where are you BBC?


11 Responses to “A Plane Did Hit The Pentagon”

  1. Tapestry says:

    There was a video showing a missile hitting the Pentagon.

    • NPP says:

      Really? Do post it.
      According to Dawson DNA was collected from all but a baby on the plane.
      The hole shown by e.g. Loose Change was not the whole hole.

      It was the Russians!

    • NPP says:

      Case closed? Really? It’s a blur.

      Dawson suggests ‘they’ invite you to think it was a missile. The 9/11 story is a nonsense, but so are most the theories.

      Even in the Bollyn presentation above, he references the painted towers and plane on the side of the van… Dawson says this was a photo shop joke from the early stages.

      Dawson is an arrogant so and so, but I recommend his analysis. He syas Loose Change, AE9/11 get caught up in nonsense; they do not even acknowledge the real structural plans of the Pentagon.

      I know, it’s a head spin, but much has muddied the waters. Dawson on Joe Rogan would rock the boat. Dawson needs a wider platform.

  2. NPP says:

    We’ve seen this before, but he lays it out without what he calls ‘cook’ theories.
    I suggest Dawson is worth a revisit:
    911 and War by Deception

  3. Tapestry says:

    It’s just like JFK. They promote multiple theories and leave you to struggle with the contradictions, when they know the truth very well. The hole in the Pentagon was incompatible with a plane. There are many copies of CCTV of the missile on the internet. I only spent 5 seconds. Search missile Pentagon, and you have a choice of dozens.

  4. Tapestry says:

    No remains of any aircraft bar what was unloaded by truck?

  5. archer says:

    Whatever hit the towers was a distraction; they had to have been brought down by controlled demolition – as per WTC7.

  6. Tapestry says:

    I’d still give Woods a good read before coming to any conclusion.

  7. NPP says:

    The only conclusion is the official story is bollox, a crime was committed and the perpetrators continue to run amok… but, I recommend Dawson for hard facts and material proof. He concludes the buildings were brought down by collision and pre-set explosion. He concludes a mixtures of parties were involved and it certainly included Israeli neo-cons.

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