5G can target individuals.

They are rushing 5G into service without adequate safety tests.
Mike Adams has a perspective that makes the introduction of 5G a frightening prospect.


5G is a beam, which can be directed at any individual via their phone.  4G and earlier are radio broadcasts, not directed energy beams which target your phone’s location precisely.

If you are located between a phone (or 5G camera) and a base station, you will intercept the phased array beam, which is ten times more powerful than current radiation from a mobile phone and mast signal.  This can happen by chance or the beam can be directed from multiple towers at your brain deliberately – either by the government or by a hacker.

If they can beam your phone, and they can, they can beam you personally on purpose, and ‘accidentally’ kill you by directing 5G energy into your brain repeatedly and for long enough.  They can kill you from a computer keyboard.

Do not carry a mobile device that has 5G.  In fact do not carry a phone from hereon.  Save your life while you can.  Think.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Experiment Camp Birmingham !

    In Autumn Budget 2017 , it was announced that, as part of the Government’s 5G Testbeds and Trial Programme, we will provide initial funding of £5 million for an initial trial, starting in 2018, to test 5G applications and deployment on roads, including helping to test how we can maximise future productivity benefits from self – driving cars. This will build on the work already progressing on connected and autonomous vehicle trials in the West Midlands. The trial will test technical, deployment and commercial aspects of providing roadside 5G infrastructure. Related work will be commissioned to better understand demand and connectivity needs across the UK’s major roads. These activities will inform the business case for investment in t he deployment of 5G – ready roadside infrastructure for the UK’s motorways


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