UKC: Welcome Home FSA!

Taxpayer funded mercenaries, having undertaken ‘civil war’ duties abroad are welcomed home… while Conte and Trump’s press conference is virtually ignored by the UK legacy media.


UK Column News – 1st August 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – A good month for burying bad news
NATO: training our ‘partners’ abroad…
Libya: bombed back to the stone-age in the ‘fight against terrorism’
Plymouth Council agrees to house 35 ‘refugee families’ from Syria
Tommy Robinson freed after winning court battle
NATO created terrorism problem in the first place
Donald Trump & Italian PM press conference: no coverage in MSM…
Human trafficking and North Africa on the agenda
08:38 – There is no justice as court system is being deliberately collapsed
President of Supreme Court: challenges are too numerous to address…
Melanie Shaw: still imprisoned, letters blocked…the lie of British justice
Melanie Shaw remains silenced in prison to protect Westminster…
14:49 – Police ‘transformation’: £100 million promised by government
British Police to use ‘open-source’ investigations to save money
19:38 – Where does this policy come from…?
Behavioural Insights Team: unelected ‘leaders’ deciding policy for Britain
BIT: who are Daniel Goldstein, Richard Thaler, Nick Chater, Peter John,
Peter Tufano, Theresa Marteau, Gus O’Donnell and who voted for these people…?
Microsoft (among others) helps form Westminster policy…
27:42 – RBS: Financial Conduct Authority decides no rules were broken…
Condition of loans was that businesses were forced to take on derivatives contract
Businesses were then asset-stripped to repay ‘debts’…
31:11 – Jeremy Corbyn apologises again for ‘anti-semitism’ slur
Organised Zionist/Blairite campaign to try and undermine Corbyn’s leadership
Criticising Israel and Israeli policies is not ‘anti-semitic’
Syrian Army discovers caches of Israeli-made bombs in Daraa province…
35:59 – Farcebook identifies ‘ongoing political influence campaign’
No evidence of who is behind it but…finger pointed at Russia (again)
37:34 – The mysterious Andy Pryce…no response from FCO to FOI request
Daily Mail: Russia promoting patriotism in the Army = ‘echo of Soviet era’…
Meet propaganda in the western world: heterosexual sex not natural…?
Leadership Institute: $251 million since 1979 for reframing young minds
Leadership Institute is a political organisation being used within colleges
44:19 – Fresh Start Foundation event: 4 August, Orkney


Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

NATO cartoon
Bomb Libya

Who are these Syrian migrants being re-imported into the UK & €U?

Tommy Robinson bailed

No coverage of conference of Italian & US premiers…. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte & President Trump.
Stabilising migrants situation. No mention in Western media.

Polarisation, violence, break-down, system collapse

Positive newspeak…

Undermine rule of law

Bob Neil MP…. under funding threatens our justice system… engineered to create crisis
Creative destruction road to change

Melanie Shaw remains locked up

Transformation process….
Oh – speaking of AI:

Real time information

A Single Hub of information… merge all police regions
Galvanise, open source investigation

Behavourial Insights Team

Unelected, but super intelligent
Govrnment institution dedicated to human behaviourial design, behavioural psychology

Microsoft aiding govt. policy

Nudge nudge…

Experiment on the public
Collective benefit to the govt.

Sometimes you just have to let customers hang themselves….

Jeremy Corbyn sorry again
Misuse of holocaust

Richard Thaler of BIT

Syrian forces finding cache of Israeli made weapons in Daraa province
Sponsored by Israel?

Andy Pryce still faceless, anonymous

2014 5 Eyes-GCHQ subversion

Russia & Putin

Queer Ecology

Sex & Nature


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UKC: Ministry Of Full Spectrum Domination

UKC: Ministry Of Full Spectrum Domination


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