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Dr. Graham Downing refers to an unofficial BBC policy of non-equivalence. Saudi attacks Yemen yet again probably using arms bought from the UK and Boris’ burka comments hang in the media air.


UK Column News – 10h August 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Dr Graham Downing with today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – Saudi-led airstrike kills 29 children in Yemen
June 2018: US military offers Gulf allies airstrike-target assistance…
Who’s foreign policy are we really enacting…?
3:05 – UK: ramping up the fear
Public servants have been reframed in terror ‘Prevent’ training
05:46 – UK Column on holiday from 16 August – 3 September
06:14 – Autism: How To End The Autism Epidemic (book recommendation)
HPV vaccine bias: only half of medical study was looked at…
Study heavily criticised by Dr David Healey and John Stone (Age of Autism)
Alliance for Human Research Protection: Science reviews are tainted
Cochrane HPV vaccine review was incomplete and ignored evidence of bias
Gardasil 9 was NOT included in this review…
HPV vaccine causing women to fail to conceive
European Medicines Agency: keeping data under lock and key = healthcare…?
School nurses intimidating young girls to accept HPV vaccine
19:27 – Is science as a whole becoming extremely unscientific…?
Critics of evidence from pressure groups are silenced – very unscientific
Two retiring editors of leading medical journals have spoken out
Professor John Ioannidis: 90% of published medical data is unreliable…
Anyone speaking out is attacked, driven out of medical industry
23:00 – 5G talk: 11 August, 6pm – Civic Hall, Totnes
24:52 – Opium: No counternarcotics program has led to lasting reduction
Opium production worldwide has reached highest level ever recorded
29:11 – BBC hyping up new speed reading propaganda media
Allows no critical appraisal of news items, reader loses comprehension of details
BBC: free advertising of digital news watches…
Melanie Shaw postcards available from UK Column website
Warning: money collection for Legal team funding
37:21 – BBC promotes crime and desecration of church in Russia
BBC presents Pussy Riot crimes as victimisation – blames Russian law enforcement
BBC fails to investigate UK Police using same tactics…
BBC encourages impersonation of a Police officer
BBC continues to publish anonymous articles: nobody is accountable
BBC journalist spinning the anti Putin line: who is Kriszta Satori…?
BBC foments war in Syria…now teaches ‘truth’ in UK schools
BBC propaganda = twisting and distortion of truth, omission & applied psychology

Pre show chat box:
Homeless people given bar-codes so they can accept online payments

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Pouring with rain. Amber warning over. Whatever the weather be afraid!

29 children killed in Yemen

War To War

Lift The Veil!
Bus driver asks passenger…
Terror training?

BBC guide to the veil….

Age of Autism
HPV vaccine
£1.15 million donation from Bill Gates

Vaccine Information Base is Contaminated by Fake Claims

Heavily bias industry favourable papers

Trial by design

Do some vaccines increase cancer?!

David Noakes interview:

Unscientific Science!

90% of medical data published unreliable

Fake news by omission

5G will be inescapable


Record poppy crop!

$8.2 billion spent to stop opium?!

BBC speed reading PR

Pump BBC bias information into the mind

Buy Melanie Shaw postcards!

BBC… why Pussy Riot crashed the World Cup Final
UK & BBC projecting same behaviour onto others
BBC encouraging criminal activity in another country

BBC practice non-equivalence


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UKC: Tier-One Comedy Central


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