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The state is increasingly clamping down on free speech and inverting the truth about so called fake news when it is the BBC and legacy media that have long perpetuated lies and falsehood. The public is being encouraged to spy on one another as members of the public increasingly shine the spotlight upon the state. The UKC are taking a 2 week holiday. The analysis and reporting by this tiny platform is extraordinary compared to the billion pound rich BBC.

UK Column News – 15th August 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.:

START – Be afraid: Westminster ‘terror’ attack
Mysterious white van follows attack vehicle then parks by Police
Police not interested in white van…public must tell us all they know
Politicians comments on attack all have a striking similarity…
04:48 – BBC: Italy bridge – rescuers search for survivors in Genoa
Rumours for years in Genoa that the bridge was unsafe…?
BBC details on bridge construction and maintenance are misleading
Road crossing the bridge was privatised…latest owner: the Benetton family
EU austerity policies causing lack of maintenance and repair…?
14:24 – Fresh Start Foundation event: 18 August, Motherwell
16:27 – Tribunal judge: independence is a ‘philosophical’ belief similar to a religion
Mother Sturgeon – a cult…?
Is there a ‘Plan B’ for the named person scheme in Scotland…?
Everyone concerned is entirely ‘independent’…
John Swinney bids to snub Supreme Court and bring in state snoopers
Freedom of the press is critical to democracy
22:19 – Netanyahu: laying of wreath by Jeremy Corbyn deserves condemnation
Corbyn under intense attack from all sides but still has popular support
How is that a foreign state (Israel) has so much power in our domestic politics…?
If it were another country influencing our politics, the public would be outraged…
25:50 – Twitter suspends Infowars’ Alex Jones for ‘abuse’…
Free speech under massive attack and draconian censorship via governments
Jay Dyer (Jay’s Analysis) has now been kicked off
27:51 – US: ID2020 – Washington residents will require ID to board aircraft in 2020
29:18 – UK Column on holiday: 16 August – 3 September
29:42 – Daily Mail: 30 men & women charged over rape, trafficking, sexual exploitation
Why are Yorkshire Police protecting another child abuser…?
31:14 – Daily Mail: US exposure of 301 priests sexually assaulting at least 1000 children
Bishop of Pittsburgh helped to cover up the abuse…satanism in the church
The life sentence of abuse: the murder of a soul…many take their own lives
Too many people don’t believe this is really happening in modern society
Melanie Shaw: a prime example of a child abuse cover up – IICSA turns a blind eye
41:07 – Russia’s Ruble is sliding, pulled down by collapse of Turkish Lira
Turkish government: Lira is under speculative attack by foreign entities…
44:24 – Brexit (without the exit): Major General Charlie Stickland poses with EU flag
Good news: we built a bit of the F-35…well, 15% of it


Pre show chat box:
Salary of the average chief executive rises by 11 per cent to £4MILLION

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Be afraid: Westminster Terror!
White Van Man!?

Sir Mark Rowley

Spy on each other!
Similar Tweets from Corbyn May Sturgeon

Genova Bridge

Concrete only be used for 100 years…

This is why Italy is so corrupt

Independence is a belief like religion?!

FOI the gift that keeps on giving… evidence of next Names Person attempt

State Snoopers!

Freedom and quality of press is so important

Corbyn under perpetual attack

Alex Jones now censored by Twitter via government pressure

Jay Dyer down….

US domestic travel ID

Asian abuse article not mentioning Asian

US Catholic child abuse

Thousands of cases….


Russian Ruble falls…


Brexit without the exit…

British bit built for F35


Condoms For Conservatives

Loving your servitude Huxley’s Berkley speech


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