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The censorship rolls on from Alex Jones to Ron Paul to the removal of Fresh Start posters by BBC Orkney….

UK Column News – 7th August 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Mark Anderson with today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – Melanie Shaw update: the lie of British justice
Child abuse whistleblower still locked up to silence her evidence
Public now being denied access to many UK courts…
Amnesty International under the microscope: have they been bought…?
Amnesty Media Team today promised a formal response on Melanie Shaw
06:40 – Internet censorship: moving ahead rapidly…
Facebook, Twitter, Google (YouTube), Apple working in tandem to silence dissent
Government censorship: what is the definition of an ‘extremist’…?
Governments very afraid at the speed of Internet information transfer
This is a worldwide phenomenon – free speech is under attack
The privatisation of free speech: corporations working with government = fascism
Facebook: users being deliberately driven away in fear of data collection
17:37 – Fresh Start Foundation update: Police Scotland visit Orkney event…
BBC Radio Orkney – impartial news reporting: event poster put on Facebook page
Next morning event poster had been taken down…comments were censored
22:07 – 5G talk: 11 August – Civic Hall, Totnes
22:35 – Novichok 2 the sequel: UK asks OPCW for extension of technical help
Nothing about the incident stacks up: misinformation and disinformation
24:31 – Donald Trump criticises Bankers’ policies
MainStream Media reminds Trump: ‘Thou shalt not criticise the Federal Reserve’
Bank of England works in exactly the same way…
28:13 – Is Nestlė plundering the groundwater of Michigan…?
16 million gallons per month planned to be extracted for $200 per year
Bottled water then sells for between $1-2 per 15oz (440ml) bottle
Government and corporations working together again…against the people
36:04 – US event: Erasing the Liberty – 8 September, San Antonio, Texas
38:40 – Syria: terrorists in Idlib clash over fears of Syrian Army offensive
40:16 – Belfast airport terrorism fear: common sense overtaken by Project Fear…
Exeter airport confrontation: ‘where are you going…?’
43:18 – Smart Cities: city region partners approve deal documentation
Economic growth explained as reasoning behind decentralisation of power
This is a global policy – decentralised cities to be outside government control…
UK Column article: Global Parliament of Mayors and the abolition of the electorate

Pre show chat box:
News on Melanie- charges of sexual assault dropped – she’s in with her Barrister – waiting to hear the case.
Twitter has banned accounts of Ron Paul Institute seniors

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Melanie Shaw

Still faces arson charges

David was interviewed by Caroline Stephens on the Scottish Experiment:

Censorship of InfoWars, Ron Paul Institute

Bottom line: social media platforms following orders as laid out by Theresa May
Remove Extremist EVİL Content!

Mike: the goal is to remove cross pollination of ideas including FakeBook
Privatisation of 1st amendment and government
Stigmatise speech on gays, gender, race…

Data collection by FakeBook, government, public bodies….
Facebook Offers US Banks Access to Users in Exchange for Financial Data

Fresh Start in Orkney
… invaded by a constable
For those who don’t know why, there was a big Satanist Ritual Abuse case on Orkney in 1990.

BBC Orkney posted advert

By morning poster removed

Novichuckle 2 the sequel rumbles on
OPCW — Orders Processed for Chemical Whitewashes
Does Fentanyl qualify as a chemical weapon ?

Trump criticises federal Reserve
Thou shall not criticise the Fed or central bankers!

Nescafe draining aquifer for bottled water

Pay more for chemically treated water!

Out of 83,000 comments only 75 comments supported Nestle… Michigan went ahead regardless.

The Ship That Won’t Sink

Moderate rebels fighting themselves!

Airport security – no common sense
Wheel chair repair tool kits can be used to dismantle planes!

Accelerating Growth
City deals…. centralised power to regional corporate partners

URGENT: Melanie confused, rambling and distressed, clearly unfit, court proceeded anyway. Robert Green in attendance and recording events.


Last Show:
UKC: Dusty Bin Bana Hala Potter

UKC: Dusty Bin Bana Hala Potter


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