UKC: Get Corbyn!

Jeremy Corbyn is on the receiving end of an onslaught of anti-semitism accusation. The public know Corbyn as perhaps the least racist chap in Westminster. I suspect this silliness will galvanise his support and attract more votes. He could introduce the Bradbury Pound which he has previously supported…
The proposal of the re-introduction of the Bradbury Pound would really put the cat among the Corbyn critics.


UK Column News – 2nd August 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.:

START – Heatwave panic: climate chaos blamed…temperatures normal
Heatwave creates £31 billion boost to the economy
02:40 – United Utilities: company calls off hosepipe ban
04:44 – Corbyn apologises over event where Israel was compared to Nazis
A speaker at the event was a holocaust survivor
Journalism: a war room in operation…
Hypocrisy of MainStream Media coverage of Jeremy Corbyn vs. Tommy Robinson
January 2017: Israeli government plot against Jeremy Corbyn exposed
Are British MainStream Media involved in this plot…?
Robert Peston: completely misses all the elephants in the room…a public psyop
14:02 – Brexit: Jeremy Hunt reintroducing the Russian Boogie Man
14:37 – BBC Today programme sheds 800,000 listeners…
BBC accused of ‘breaching code’: Assange critic put in charge of Wikileaks special
18:48 – Government’s Social Media problem: working with top three SM companies
Competition angle: Prof. Jason Furman brought in to lead panel for SM competition
Government attempting to take back control of the narrative…
Social Media: only obligation is to their shareholders…users not important
The irony of government encouraging more internet users to get online
28:06 – Behavioural Insights Team: Porton Down now getting involved…
Weaponising behavioural change of the public without their knowledge
Civilian and military policing to be merged
31:27 – Momo: parents warned over sick WhatsApp ‘suicide’ game…
Suicide being heavily promoted – applied psychology aimed at children
33:36 – Italy: migrants being turned back…a breach of international law…?
Media misses the irony of International Laws broken which created the migration
International Law doesn’t seem to apply to the UK, USA, France and Israel…
MainStream Media also in breach of International Law by misreporting & omission
36:46 – Jailed Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi released from Israeli prison
Israel is now an apartheid state
Sputnik: Israeli Air Force hits militants in South Syrian Golan Heights
Israel changing tactics with regard to Syria…now asymmetric warfare and terrorism
41:31 – The Times: Doctored lungs for pigs could cut transplant waiting lists
Where does the material come from for scientific research…?
Organ trafficking a major problem worldwide…

Yeah! Feed salmon with GMO. Our Fab scientists improving nature! What could go wrong?
Corbyn & Trump. Extremists or the middle ground moderate majority peace makers?
The BBC, CNN, €U encourage the invasion of Syria. They force vaccination upon babies. They appease the violation of children. Theresa May has Melanie Shaw in prison for what? Trump and Corbyn encourage peaceful relations while the BBC & co support the violent government of Ukraine. They lock up Tommy Mair for the alleged murder of Jo Cox without trial by jury or substantial evidence. They perpetuate fear about anthropological climate change. They are ignoring Brexit. They are encouraging children to consider gender change to the point of surgery. They encourage anal sex which may damage the anal canal and invite immune system break down. They support genital mutilation of little boys.

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Climate Chaos!

Heat will kill plus £31billion boost to economy.

Cuadrilla fracking go-ahead as United Utilities implement hose pipe ban

Corbyn Apology for 2009


£1million To Get Corbyn!

Robert Peston wrong wrong wrong

Manipulates narrative

Jeremy Hunt says Putin would celebrate a No Deal Brexit

NLP Peston

BBC R4 Today down 800,000

John Sweeny calls Assange useful idiot

Govt want to guarantee media regulation…. bring back a controlled internet, controlled narrative, controlled data
FakeBook monetised user base. Now they have made money, they comply with govt. censorship.
SuckerCyborg said yes to ideas of Russia bots, fix for Trump theory…

Decade of digital dependency

Behavourial Insights
Govt + military + €U + NATO
Applied psychology

Promotion of suicide

Migrants Italy
International law does not apply to certain parties…

Palestinian teen Tamimi released

Israel hits some ISIS sections for a change…. they have been backing the same.
Trump-Putin influence?

Israeli Drones found in territory abandoned by ISIS

Pigs get bio-engineered lungs
Where does material for scientific research come from? Organ harvesting from Syria?


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UKC: Welcome Home FSA!


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