UKC: Free Speech? ID Required!

The power of the hanging basket is challenging 5G! Free speech? You are being increasingly monitored to ensure you are qualified to express.

UK Column News – 14th August 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – 5G: Mark Steele gagged by Gateshead Council…
OFCOM only has a positive message…not interested in any negative health risks
Who are OFCOM Chairman Terry Burns and CEO Sharon White…?
Terry Burns previously at Santander Bank, Sharon White from the World Bank…
08:14 – £2.2 billion contract to fell 17,500 established trees in Sheffield
Local people have to show ID to get into their own homes…
Excellent article by Jennifer Saul: Professor of Philosophy, University of Sheffield
People Power: it works
13:01 – Guy Taylor funeral arrangements
14:34 – GSTV: first interview with EU whistleblower in hiding, Roelie Post
Book recommendation: Romania For Export Only by Roelie Post
18:14 – Censorship: The link between conspiracy theories & mental health
MSM journalists attempting to suggest anyone asking questions is mentally ill…
21:21 – Facebook vanishes Venezuela-based left-leaning news network again…
No matter the content, acceptance of this censorship is a very slippery slope
Policy not driven by social media companies – it is driven by governments
23:03 – UK Column takes a holiday: 16 August – 3 September
23:41 – Attacking young minds: 1000 young people to train as democracy ambassadors
25:45 – petition: Demand that the BBC ensures ThinkTanks declare funding
27:24 – Manipulation of society: the plan for immigration misery
Immigration to be used to break down nation states
Sharp-eyed viewer spots English Cities Fund – the new control agency
Sajid Javid: geovernment determined to build the homes our country needs…
Homes being built but necessary infrastructure is carefully avoided
Meet Nick Walkley: CEO Homes England – wants to ‘remove barriers to house building’
Who is Ed Lister – chairman of Homes England…?
Ed Lister wants to ‘ultimately disrupt the housing market’
Dominic Campbell: looking forward to working at Homes England…
Disrupting all our lives for profit

Pre show chat box:
Young shoplifters? Not our problem – call their parents instead, police force says

The f**kers have an office in Amsterdam!

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

5G Is Good For Health! Absolutely fantastic stuff…. says Mike’s tongue in cheek
OFCOM Regulator or Advertiser?
OFCOM Chairman Lord Burns is connected to Santander

CEO Sharon White

UK plc

Mark Steele gagged in secret court

What risk assessment has been made regarding 5G?

5G Sheffield

Residents within tree feeling area to carry ID to access your own home!

We’ll kill the tress and imprison you if you don’t like it

Guy Taylor funeral 20 August

Roelie Post

In fear of her life…

Her book:

Prospect Magazine
The politics of unhappiness…. conspiracy and mental health

Asking Awkward Questions = Mental Health Issue

Young Democracy Ambassadors!

Another NGO

Petition to declare Think Tanks declare their funders

Social Integration…
English Cities Fund… unlocking urban imagination
Supported by Savage Chavinj

Dominic Campbell: disruption!

When he left Barnet Borough Council, Dominic Campbell joined the Hackney Pirates group of geeks, whose Twitter handle was fuckyeahhackney.

Disrupting the Housing Market


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