UKC: Dusty Bin Bana Hala Potter

While the BBC continues to pretend to challenge fake news and prejudice, RT, Russia Today pulls of a veritable coup by interviewing Raed Al Saleh , the head of the White Helmets…. and his and the BBC’s nemesis, independent journalist Vanessa Beeley.


UK Column News – 6th August 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column:

Pre show chat box:
Primary one children will be told ‘your gender is what you decide’
Gender Is A Choice?!

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Trade deficit with €U should be our bargaining chip
No change in fishing arrangements regardless of Brexit

Let Trump negotiate!

Organ & tissue donor policy…
Monty Python’s Live Organ Transplants wasn’t satire then?

Do organs go to needy people or science research?

Bana 2 the sequal
Hala running her own Twitter account…

Hala of Idlib holding court….

White Helmets
Raed Al-Saleh
RT gives equal time to Raed & Vanessa Beeley

Here’s the interview Pat

Any proof to numbers saved by White Helmets?
115,000 lives saved?


US-Saudi coalition arm Al Quaed
Cover-UP or Cock-Up?

Esoteric Rocket Science….

EU blocking sanctions

Up Pompeo

Guardian spy story…

We believe, suspect…. no substantial news or story i.e. fake news

Troll comment: Russia handed the victory to Trump?

Obscene Tweets in US

Hate Tweets get some censored or arrested. Others get a new job.

Canada women’s rights… withdraws Ambassador from Saudi

Centre For Cities

To make the most of digital connections, cities must first make better use of data

watch this appear more and more

The TEDx Talk on Paedophilia that Caused Quite a Stir

Smart Cities

Intelligent Leadership

New Services? New Bins!

New Home


Last Show:
UKC: Get Corbyn!

UKC: Get Corbyn!


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