Trump’s Darkest Hour? Hardly.

Trump’s darkest hour is how Jon Soapytail and the BBC have been presenting the last 48 hours of news regarding Cohen, Manafort and Trump. I again refer you to Bill Mitchell. I again remind you he is a pro-Israel-Christian and seems to be less than fully informed on issues such as Syria, but on Trump he has been on the mark since Trump campaigned to be President. There is much chit-chat promoting his new website, but Bill Mitchell coined the term slow-walker with regards to Jeff Sessions and Trump reeling in the likes of Clinton and Obama and has been a useful source of analysis.

Why is the BBC so bias against Trump, Corbyn and Brexit? It cannot be a left-right matter. But, they are clearly slanted against these characters and this issue. Anyway, with regard to Trump, I’d recommend Bill Mitchell over the BBC.

YourVoice™ America (8/22) “Trump Strikes Back!”


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