Trump Corbyn. Extremists Or Moderates?

A Middle East peace deal. Is it likely? I suspect President Trump has this aim in mind, indeed, he says so in public in front of thousands and millions on the internet can also hear it.

“They Say It’s The Toughest Of All deals. Let’s See What happens…”
1.08 mins in…

Is Trump managing a ‘slow walker’ strategy to reel in Hillary an Obama? I wouldn’t bet against it.

@BBCRadio4 @BBCr4today? Clueless! @realDonaldTrump & Jeff Sessions = #SlowWalker… going to be beautiful!

Trump even dares to question the cull of farmers in South Africa…

Your Voice America
YourVoice™ America (8/23) “Trump Sessions Battle!”

Corbyn is sympathetic to the Palestinians, hence the daily anti-Semite accusations thrown at him. Trump, a hard core Zionist according to Ryan Dawson who also appreciates Trump is not Hillary and has implemented some beneficial policy, is keeping Israel close at hand. Imagine a President Trump – Prime Minister Corbyn approach to the Middle East. Isn’t it at least worth consideration? Are these two extremes as portrayed by the BBC & co or in reality the middle ground of geo-politics today? I suspect middle England and middle America are fed up with Israel’s battles and Trump and Corbyn represent the moderate ground and majority voters while the BBC have become cultural extremists banging on about gender and identity politics. ‘We’ don’t care about creed, colour or genitalia; arseholes come in all shapes and sizes. We care about jobs, financial security and common decency. I optimistically hope Trump and Corbyn are less interested in war and more interested in deals and constructive relationships.

Corbyn knows he must be careful in criticising Israel because it is obvious to most of us criticising Israel is now equated with anti-Semtism. When Margaret Hedgehog can say within the House of Commons “… that fucking racist and anti-Semite…” about Corbyn and be given a platform on BBC R4 Today the next morning to explain her discontent, you know the game is rigged. If Corbyn or Trump had used such expletive in such an environment they would have been instantly hounded as the purveyors of unacceptable and extreme language.
As Corbyn said, “One is they don’t want to study history, and secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don’t understand English irony either.”

Really, in a land of free speech apparently fought for by winning WWII and enabling a nation to exist and tolerate the unpalatable thoughts of others, what is the problem? Is the Israeli lobby the problem? Is the like of Margaret Hedgehog the problem? Is Hedgehog a funny quip or now a manifestation of anti-Semitism? I jest, but you know one man’s jest is becoming another person’s excuse to be offended.

As counter balance to Your Voice America, Robert Inlaskesh and Ry talk about the Zionist Psychopaths attacking Gaza…
… they suggest Israel and the IDF are not a successful military force and susceptible to defeat in the long term. It’s a 2 hour chat including comment on other alternative media voices, Egypt, Africa as well as the US and Middle East. Better than the BBC:


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