Notice anything in the picture?

The biggest problem for crypto-transexuals trying to act publicly as women, is not the possession of a penis.  That can be surgically removed or tucked in below a flowing garment.  Broad shoulders can be hidden by clever dressing, and long hair.  Height can be handled by ducking the head down, and crouching.  Voice can be feminised.  Adam’s apple removed.  Breasts induced with hormones.  Children can be made to appear with news media accounts of pregnancies.

The problem, which cannot be hidden is the waist.

The waist of a man is lower than the belly button.  The waist of the woman is always above the belly button.  Few transexuals will appear in swimming attire publicly as a result.  The waist is the only thing that cannot be altered by chemistry or surgery.

The only way to lift the waist is padding, which widens the hips and the waist and makes a higher up female waist appear.  But padding can occasionally be seen, as in the photo below.

People say why does it matter if people are gay, or lesbian.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is if they lie about it, and they are hiding their real identities, especially when they are world leaders.  Having secrets makes them vulnerable and easy to control by others.  That is, of course why they are chosen in the first place.

Some will pose in their swimwear.  The problem is as I say the waist.  The one below is clearly below the navel.  That means the person was born a male.



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