Gordon checks in

Of late without explanation my WordPress website was terminated and though I requested an explanation none was forthcoming.

Upon review of your WordPress.com site, we no longer feel that your account aligns with our Terms of Service and User Guidelines. As such, you will no longer be permitted to use WordPress.com.”

You will probably know that I am a truther and of such I make no apology of being so, and if what I publish on my site upsets the Ministry of Truth then so be it, yet nevertheless, the truth shall prevail be it through me, others or God Almighty Himself, it shall prevail.
You may also know that I am also a news freak and get my news from many sources throughout the world including many independent and more truthful news outlets which offer a more balanced report of world affairs such as RT, Russia Inside, Pravda, Asia Times, Palestine Times. Middle East News, etc, etc. Therefore one can see how upset Big Brother has become and more so when I rebuff and condemn MSM.
Of late I sat on a street bench in Berwick-Upon-Tweed and the gentleman sitting to my left started talking about the history of Berwick and Edinburgh from where he had visited a couple of days previously. As the conversation progressed it wasn’t long before it digressed to world affairs. The gentleman asked if I ever watched RT News to which I replied that I regularly watched it and several of their documentaries especially CrossTalk with Peter Lavelle. Naturally, I was taken aback that this gentleman should ask such a question as when I ask others the same I’m given the vacant look which speaks volumes. The moral of this story is that it’s nice to know that there are other like minded people out there.

Returning to Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth Lance D Johnson writes today that;

George Soros, Bill Gates, Ford Foundation and Google are all running a massive censorship scheme to silence independent media on the ‘net

While europetodaynews writes;
– WordPress claims to “support free speech” but it is as big a censorship tool as (and partner with) Google’s political propaganda scams
And finally, see also:
It’s only a matter of time before more and more of us are hit but the good news is that I was reading the other week that the world’s open source geeks are in the process of creating a truly free and uncensored internet. You may well know that Mike Adams and his team have created an alternative to youtube called REAL.video.
Psa_85:11  Truth shall spring out of the earth, and righteousness shall look down from the heavens.
Kind regards,
TAP – I didn’t know Gordon had a site.  I’ve asked for the details.  It’s nice to hear that he’s still ‘out there’.

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  1. danceaway says:

    So good to hear from you, Gordon.

    You may know that Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis was also deplatformed without warning or explanation from word press. You can hear the discussions of this and the implications on the recent episodes of Boiler Room on alternatecurrentradio.com and also on the last two episodes of Sunday Wire, in which Jay stood in for Patrick.

  2. Tapestry says:

    No reply from Gordon received. I have to say his reappearing a third time is a little bit suspicious. I imagine that Gordon version 3 is another intrusion, but let’s wait until the evidence is more certain. His headline ‘Britain prepares for war with Russia’ for example is surprising. Yet Gordon Version 1 did great work on this blog. Version 2 Gordon was worrying and left without any word. Version 3 claims he had a WordPress blog. What was its address? Anyone know? If G3 is an intrusion, is it by forces ‘for good’, or an act to insinuate anti-Semitism or some such bogus claim?

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