What’s behind the increase in suicides?

5G mobile phone technology is based upon military microwave, battlefield interogation technology linked directly to the massive increase in PTSD and Suicide amongst ex-Service personnel. Gateshead, in the Northeast of England is one a testbed for both 5G & LED Street lighting. Local businessman Mark Steele, has openly questioned the wisdom of unleashing this technology on the civilian population of Gateshead. Gateshead City Council have refused to address the issues raised by Mark Steele and now City Council Leader, Martin Gannon, and Gateshead Mayor, Jill Green, are seeking to establish a permanent GAGGING ORDER, preventing Mark Steele from expressing his scientifically supported concerns!

Establishment try to shut down all opposition using legal means, and any other.  The charade of UK democracy is being washed away by court rulings, which are obliterating Parliamentary authority.  The corporatocracy has persuaded a Gateshead court, to back Gateshead City Council, to silence a 5G campaigner, Mark Steel.  An increase in stillbirths, and post natal deformities has been identified with 5G rollout and LED street lamps, besides many other health effects and concerns.  He tried to get this information out but the Mayor, Jill Green, has allowed her Council to gag Mark Steel.  Martin Gannon the leader of the Council is already in the media examining his expense claims, which are double those of all other leaders of Councils in the North East.

The hearing was conducted in secret, no public gallery allowed.  Or media.  This is legislating in secret.  He is now officially gagged.  With hearing adjourned.  Other issues are the increase in suicides associated with 5G technology.  Bristol University had a surge which was hard to understand until 5G rollout was retrospectively revealed.

The attempted shutdown of democracy is accelerating nationally with frackers applying for injunctions against opponents.  Humans are expendable to be used by the corporations.  Your health is of no concern, and you have no democratic rights.

Also worldwide.

In early America many cities had ‘town squares’ in which citizens could stand on soapboxes and shout out various messages. Our First Amendment protects such speech.

The Internet is today’s town square. The soapboxes are social media.

The Deep State and the left are intertwined with Silicon Valley. The CIA helped Google and Facebook get started. Why? To make it easier to spy on people. Over time, millions gravitated toward Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Conservative and Libertarian voices became very strong and that alarmed the Deep State. So they began demonetizing conservatives. Then they shadow-banned them. Now they are deleting them outright.

For many years, Alex Jones reached millions with his journalism and rants. His tirades helped wake people up. He yelled at us about the Deep State, including the corrupt security agencies, the Bohemian Grove, the CFR, the Bilderbergs, fluoride in our water, the lies about 9-11, and yes, even Sandy Hook. The latter had many anomalies that should be questioned. Alex brought all of this up and more before anyone else had a inkling about what was really going on with such matters. He was routinely dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the establishment. However, much of what he has been saying over the years is now acknowledged as self-evident. The legacy media, the Deep State, and Silicon Valley could not stomach the fact that he was informing and influencing minds and elections. They all got together and confiscated his soapbox. Their lame excuse? They claimed he was a purveyor of ‘hate speech.’

Having previously endured years of hate speech aimed toward me, I know what it is and what it isn’t. To me, it’s libel, defamation and death threats. Alex Jones has never engaged in hate speech. Questioning climate change is not hate speech. Jones is not a racist, a bigot or any of the other ‘phobic’ names the left enjoy pinning on ideological opponents. ‘Hate speech’ sounds alarming and terrible, but it’s also vague. Who gets to decide what it is?

The Supreme Court ruled it was legal speech, but apparently the Silicon Valley and Deep State commissars want to overrule that decision. They own their social media game and they’ve rigged it in their favor. They have all the money in the world, so they can afford to lose revenue from the millions of conservatives and libertarians they’re forcing out of the game. They can’t win the argument, so they’re resorting to censorship.

Censorship is what China does, and companies like Facebook and Apple are eager to please the communist oligarchs. The Deep State wants what President Xi enjoys – a rigged Internet that does not allow dissent or criticism of the political elite. Right now, even Winnie the Pooh is being banned in China. Why? Because Xi opponents in China were using the cartoon bear as a ‘meme’ to criticize their leader. Remember, conservatives greatly out-memed the left during the last presidential election. Hillary is no doubt very angry that we have the ability to meme and ridicule her pomposity. She once said herself that the Internet needs an ‘editor.’ She would welcome a Chinese-style, well-censored Internet that she and her ilk would control.

The leftist media have dominated American minds for decades. The lies they told were readily accepted as facts. That kind of mind control is no longer working for them, thanks to the Internet. We know their ‘Russia collusion’ narrative is bunk. We’re not going along, so now they want to force us to go along and if we don’t, we get banned as ‘haters.’

It will get worse. PayPal is already banning users who are being smeared as ‘haters.’ The left will make that tactic seem fashionable, so it’s a matter of time before banks get in on the act. Maybe even the Bezos-owned Amazon?

What can we do? Many think conservatives should develop their own social media. That is no easy task and we will receive no generous funding from the Deep State to do it. What we should NOT do is ask government to ‘regulate’ social media. That would only add bureaucracy and regulations on free speech and if the left regains political control, they will use it to their advantage. Just like they used the IRS to harass conservatives.

Source: Ben Garrison


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