Black Vote Poll Trump 8% To 36%

You know that orange toned White Supremacist in the Oval Office? He was elected with 8% of the African-American vote. Rasmussen Poll has his approval rating among African-Americans at 36%. USA Today says so!

Apparently about 14% would guarantee Trump victory at the next election. 36% means it’ll be a slam dunk over the Democrats.

This is Bill Mitchell and Your Voice America. They are a Christian-Israeli love-in platform, absolutely clueless on Syria, Palestine etc, but for accurate analysis on Trump they have been bang on. Warning: YVA’s Bill Mitchell spends much time on website information, explaining commercial breaks and membership, but on Trump, he has been among the most accurate.

The Democrats are apparently going to run on gender and identity politics. Goodness, how tired am I of LGBTQ… WXYZ. I don’t care! I suspect many don’t care either. A-holes come in all shapes, sizes, genders, creeds and colours. Still the BBC go on and on about gender identity. Trump cares about results, not identity politics.

Imagine a situation of President Trump and Prime Minister Corbyn. The BBC and Jon Soapytail would go into absolute meltdown.


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