American and British Satanists! Here’s the result of your work.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma met family members of Russian military personnel who arrived in Damascus on Monday, who were killed fighting in Syria with pro-Assad forces.

Syria’s leading Bishop of Antioch, John X, and the Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badreddin, were also in attendance.

Five families of Russian military officers were at the function, including the parents of Roman Filipov who was piloting the downed Russian jet, and then blew himself up using a hand grenade.

The five families will pay a visit to the Hmeimim, which is a Syrian air base operated by Russia, to place flowers on the tombs of the Russian martyrs.

In a video capturing the event, Asma was seen giving a little girl whose father was killed in June 2016 in Palmyra a kitten as a gift.

The visit to Syria was planned with the support of the Russian defense and foreign ministries.

Assad is also meant to also meet with families of deceased Syrian military servicemen, and it was announced that they will deliver humanitarian aid to a boarding school for orphans.

Source: Al Arabiya

War is the Devil’s favourite game.  Wars are mostly made in Britain and America.  In Syria we sponsored, financed, trained and armed the terrorists for over five years.  The Russians have sorted out the resulting mess we made of this once stable country.   The innocent pay the price.  That’s the way the Devil likes things,  the same Devil that runs and controls our own countries from behind the scenes.  Brexit from the EU needs to be followed by Brexit from America, and finally Brexit from control by Satanists.  George Bush was not shy to tell us how sold out to Satan we are.

Munzer: Syria’s sovereign right on Golan is not negotiable and can’t be relinquished

New York, SANA-Acting Charge d’ affairs of Syria’s permanent delegation to the UN Munzer Munzer said on Tuesday that Syria affirms its sovereign right on the Syrian Golan is not negotiable and can’t be relinquished, nor is it subject to limitations, adding “our occupied territory should be fully restored.”

Munzer added during a UN security Council session on the situation in the Middle East that Israel stresses once again its solid relation to the terrorist groups through  targeting today a Syrian warplane that was shelling dens of Daesh terrorist organization on the sides of al-Yarmouk valley in Quneitra countryside.

He affirmed that Israel continues to reject abiding by international legitimacy resolutions due to the policy of some member states that provide the political cover and protection to it to go ahead in its occupation of Arab lands in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.

Munzer said that Syria has informed Security Council and the UN different bodies of the unlimited support offered by Israel to the terrorist organizations in the disengagement zone, including its repeated military direct aggression on the Syrian lands in a blatant violation of the disengagement agreement and the international laws.

“The policies of countries that support Israel have contributed to changing the occupied Palestine into a collective, open prison and paved the way for Israel to apply the policy of racial apartheid against the Palestinians,” Munzer affirmed.

He went on to say that Syria calls on the international community to assume its responsibility and abort the so-called law “Jewish National State” that contradicts with the UN principles and usurp the historical firm rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to return.

“Israel also continues its colonial settlement campaigns in the occupied Syrian Golan and the policies of repression against Golan citizens, looting their resources and arresting the Syrian people in a blatant violation of Geneva treaties,” Munzer said.

He added that Israel’s untrue allegations that it has no role in the crisis in Syria is refuted through its direct support to the terrorist organizations and its continued aggression on Syria, as well, its smuggling of hundreds of “White Helmets” terrorist organization.

Munzer said that Syria calls on UNSC to take immediate measures against Israel to stop its violations and force it to end its occupation of the Arab lands including the occupied Syrian Golan and withdraw from the occupied Arab lands into the line of June 4th, 1967 according to UNSC resolutions, particularly resolutions No. 242, 338, 497 and the establishment of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.



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