Beat the bankers before they beat you.

This book was my companion for the last few days, lent by a friend who’s a banker.   It isn’t a page turner but it does give a good description of what’s going on in the world of Finance, and how the people are conditioned to not care about those they injure and destroy – another kind of soldier, in effect.  It’s not surprising to read how awful it all is, given what we already know.  It’s another world created by the Satanists, which they can manipulate to their own ends.

Only they know when the plug gets pulled.

The author is naive describing, for example, the brokers who decided to buy US defence stocks on 9/11, while the towers were being destroyed.   He doesn’t mention the possibility of military and financial events being coordinated by insiders, with instructions coming from somewhere, not just the intuition of a broker, as is claimed in the book.

He concludes the world of finance is like an airoplane with efficient cabin crew, but no one in the cockpit, no one in control.  That’s a total escape for the cabal which benefits by having everyone’s savings destroyed through one ruse or another, and from keeping all markets on the edge of catastrophe.  The plug can be pulled to order, when the insiders are all sold off at the top of the curve.  Then they buy back in at the bottom.  It’s the oldest game – that’s not in this book.

Electronic trading systems and leveraged products mean that the same profits that once could be grabbed from a 40% crash in prices, can now be acquired from a mere 10% fall.  Ultimately the cabal wants everyone’s wealth destroyed apart from their own.  That’s the definition of wealth.  You have money, but no one else does.  It always was about robbing everyone else, not creating a bigger pie for all to share in, a notion the book naively holds onto throughout.  The only defence against the financial monster is holding tangible assets which don’t depend on anyone’s promises.  That includes cash of course.

Silver’s my favourite asset, even though it attracts 20% VAT in the UK.  Price movements in silver in a crash are typically more than 500% – it is seriously undervalued most of the time, and panics let the silver price loose to find its real level.  The VAT won’t come into it.  Guess what J.P.Morgan (Rothschilds) are stockpiling.

Thinking beyond the book, I remembe those disturbing reports of a string of banker suicides, almost all of which seemed to take a dive from a tower located in city centres.  Are these the ones who’ve realised that there actually is a pilot in the cockpit?  And they’re knocked off before they divulge what they’ve found out?  I wouldn’t be surprised.  It would be best just to sit in the cabin (First Class) in wilful ignorance and draw your excessive salary, while robbing the rest of the population of their pensions.

Coincidence? Bankers, Doctors, and Dozens of Scientists Have Been Dying Mysteriously


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