CPTPP. Outside the EU Britain aspires to a new servitude .



Japan Welcomes Brexit Britain’s Bid to Join Massive Global Free Trade Area

Liam Fox is in Tokyo today, visiting another wealthy island nation that does not see the need to enter into political and economic union with its authoritarian continental neighbour.

The International Trade Secretary is meeting Japanese PM Shinzō Abe, after Japan’s Trade Minister “welcomed” Britain’s bid to join the successor to the Trans Pacific Partnership, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership on Tuesday. The massive CPTPP Free Trade Area encompasses Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

This is the kind of Free Trade Area that the UK should be joining, unlike the EU it does not presume to legislate for its members, and nor does it prohibit members from making their own global trade deals.


TAP – A bit of geographical myopia and Britain finds herself shifted out of the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific.   What’s the gameplan here?  BRICTS (adding in Turkey) in one team. The CPTPP (with Britain) in another.  Geographical proximity is no longer a factor in the political assemblage of nations.  Corporations like things that way, moving power to a point where it is out of reach for ordinary citizens, where they can lobby (bribe) in peace.

As soon as we got Brussels in our sights and got close to a resumption of Parliamentary democracy in Britain, we are to be scooped up and  placed into another inaccessible structure, with rules emanating from Tokyo presumably (Tokyo has been a US colony since WW2 and remains so).  Just as the EU was a CIA corporate project, so too is the CPTPP.

BRICTS – Brazil, Rusia, India, China, Turkey and South Africa.

Guido clearly sees the benefits of being part of such a structure.  How does he propose we protect ourselves from things like corporate rights to sue Britain for non-compliance with CPTPP rules, paying damages for alleged lost profits to corporations.  For example fracking might be banned across the UK and we could be sued by the oil majors for lost profits with the ‘trade agreement’ overriding the power of Parliament.

Liam Fox was my preferred choice to lead Britain out of the EU, but he was held at bay by David Cameron in 2005.  Will Fox now play a leading role in landing us into an even worse mess than the EU for the next fifty years or so?  Where are these nation to nation free trade deals he spoke of.  Why do we need to be lumped up with another bunch of unfortunates to be dominated by a power source from far away, well beyond an MPs power to do much about.

In the good old days, writing to your MP could get the law/rules changed.  Up until about 1992, that is, when the Maastricht Treaty effectively signed us into the EU, in all but name.   Let’s hope there will be some kind of resumption of power to Parliament as we quit the EU.  Or will we all have to learn Japanese and write begging letters to the Emperor to get our drains fixed?

No doubt CPTPP will be harnessed into an opposition group to China and Russia.  Democratic freedom is still many miles away.  War, debt and corporate domination will keep us as slaves inside a new structure for the next century.  The EU is the wrong structure to build political tension looking ahead, where in the 1950s it was ideal.  The Matrix is not giving up.  The front line has been moved from Eastern Europe to everywhere.  That’s all.  Britain has to be a Pacific nation now.  Pacific ironically meaning ‘of peace’. Roll on the day.


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