Who’s really behind Brexit and behind Remain?

Not Tommy Robinson, you daft idiots.  Tommy Mair.  He was imprisoned without trial for the murder of Jo Cox, which he did not commit.  Follow the work of Richard D Hall, who shows Mair is innocent in his excellent video/CD.  Tommy Mair is not allowed any public voice, while Tommy Robinson is given lots of public exposure.

Please write to the Oxford Union to get them to invite Richard to speak and explain how Jo Cox was actually murdered.

Please call Jeremy Paxman to give Richard a BBC interview.

He also has updated his view of Brexit.

This a real power struggle, not part of the fake left/right paradigm.  All we hear are the puppets – the politicians being used by the true power holders in the background.

Cameron knew all along he was going to be sacrificed on the Brexit referendum altar.  He was acting his part as a Remainer.  In truth he was a Leaver.

In 2016 Theresa May was a Remainer.  Today she claims to be a Leaver.  Which role is she acting, and which is her true position if indeed she even has one?

Richard gives his best guess as to what is going on.  Very interesting, as he tries to work out who is behind Brexit really, and what they wish to achieve.  Are MI5 who control David Davis, battling MI6 backed by Blair?  Financial entities within The City are keen to stop the EU implementing tighter regulations.  The Democrats in the US are aligned with the europhiles.  He calls it the Europhiles against the Anglophiles.

The public are just pawns in the game of power.

Israel could be aligned with the eurosceptics/the anglophiles.  The Royals have recently visited Israel, and show possible support for the exit of Britain from the EU.

TAP – This would tally with Roman Catholic/Illuminati on one side – Blair, Clinton etc, and with Protestant/Orange Order on the other – The Pharoahs, Mary Magdalene and her descendants – like Farage (Yaraech = moon) and others.  Trump’s mother is bloodline from ancient Egypt via MacLeod, Gaethelos (where Gaelic comes from, Pharoahs and the exodus around 1800BC with Queen Scota).  Farage is descent from Mary Magdalene also descended from Pharoahs, the original Jews who spoke Hebrew around the Ebro in Lower Egypt.  The original Israelites/Jews were not from Judaea as stated in the Old Testament, but from Egypt.  Judaeism was a manufactured religion created to control the plebs.

Rome was built by Caesars, also descendants of Pharoahs (Caesar and Gaythelos are linguistically the same name), and Christianity by Emperor Vespasian, a Judaeism for the Gentiles.  The creation of Christianity involved a split within the descendants of the Pharoahs with Izas being imprisoned, and Magdalene, his sister wife, escaping to found the Orange Order in the South of France, with Roman Emperors overpowering them and the Catholic Church until the 18th Century when their descendants (The Orange Order) finally broke through.  (Read Ralph Ellis for more details)

Do the original Jews’ from Egypt descendants like Trump, Farage have a hatred for the Khazar Jews who adopted Judaeism and who have achieved control of Europe through the Catholic Church and through the EU bureaucracy?  The Khazars want to snuff out the originals by removing their financial power, while the originals have had enough of this revolt and want to fight back.

The Rothschilds and Murdoch seem to be siding with the original Jews currently, for example.  Murdoch could be bloodline (being of Scottish origin), same as Trump.  The Rothschilds seem to be onside with the Orange Order.  All  of these sides seem intent on suppressing the rest of humanity, but the power struggle between these sides seems real.  The Catholics want WW3 and massive destruction to enable them to grab what remains. The original bloodline Jews just want to keep what they have, and hold onto it.  Brexit is their way of disempowering the Clintons/Blairs/Catholics who have grown too strong.  Maybe somewhat simplistic and lacking parts but this pattern fits quite well with what we can see.

Immigration is just a tool.  All is linked to the Jo Cox assassination.

Skripal coverage on RT.  Very sceptical of the Russian State’s involvement in the poisonings.  Evidence suggests it was all a psyop.  Yet RT is not interested in the evidence that some secret UK agency assassinated one of our MPs.  Russia Today (RT) is a shill channel, says Richard.

TRUMP.  Space is a war-fighting domain.  A ‘spaceforce’ coming. Video amusing.  Trump talks of ‘high flying assets’ with Obama.  In other words – ‘spaceforce’.

HOLOCAUST survivorship.   Great cash claims can be made.  Keeping this psyop running.

INTELLIGENCE cover-up publications – one shown.

POPULATION CONTROL.   Crashing the birth rate is the main game.  One child laws?  Impossible to implement.  So they attack causes of births –  a healthy woman.  a healthy man.  with fertile output.  Heterosexual inclinations.  Sexual activity.

Promotion of homosexuality, by changing heterosexuals into homosexuals.  Bisexual possibilities.

Converting men and women into opposite sex.  Transgender.  LGBT programme targeting reduction in birth supply.  Promotion of LGBT.  This is what is happening.  A global psyop.  99.9% unwitting participants in psyop which aims are to reduce population.

Breakdown of family units disempowering society as a whole.  We are guinea pigs for LGBT movement.  A global psyop masquerading a grassroots movement.

SEX.  Heterosexuals carry on.  They stop them having sex through promotion of fear about the act of sex, through fear of touching each other, fear of propositioning someone.  Love.  Flowers.  Favours.  Money.  The media is working on consent being hard to achieve.  Weinstein story for example. Legal threat of rape allegations when women have consented at the time, subsequently deciding they did not consent.

Will people have to be breathalysed before they can consent to sex?

News stories of taxi driver using drugs to acquire consent to sex?  False news stories?  Tavistock.

Other methods being used to reduce the birthrate.  Messing with what we consume.  Sperm counts are tumbling.  Why so many gay people?  Chemicals in food?  Vaccines? etc etc.



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