Who’s behind the 73,000 applications to assert historic manorial mineral rights?

There were fears in 2014 and earlier,[27] that holders of the manorial rights would allow fracking under the homes and near local communities of people living within the manorial estate after a disclosure that 73,000 applications to assert manorial mineral rights had been received by the land registry. Many of the applications received were from the Duchy of Lancaster and the Duchy of Cornwall asserting their historic “manorial mineral ownership.


TAP.  Well we know who they are, do we not!!!!

The Royals could be the driving force behind fracking and the sacrificing of people, water, animals, and the environment total, in the pursuit of profit.

So much for Prince Charles and his claim to believe in Sustainability.  If the above is the real source of the fracking threat, then he’s after cold hard cash, and he don’t give a damn about birth deformities, and the appalling suffering of ‘his’ people, which will result from them being fracked.  Of course the Royals don’t live in the sacrifice zones.

See earlier piece from this site.



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