Who owns the power?

Danceaway I agree, but not as powerful than when the knowledge of some of the investors in Vanguard are known, which Miles Mathis fails to inform us.

Take for example Dick Cheney he had $85m invested, which he made from the sale of his arms firm Halliburton …..

Federal Indictment Shackles Vanguard with Cheney – MFWire


Another with a huge stake is John Kerry’s Heinz heiress wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry.

With a less substantial stake is Obama.

With the realisation that these people are in a position of power to affect public policy then you can understand why certain events take place.

For example Dick Cheney just happens to be on the advisory board on Genie Oil a company given exploration rights by Israel on Golan heights (illegally occupied Syrian territory), where there are vast oil reserves which could keep Israel in oil for the next 50 years.

Also on board Genie energy are Rupert Murdoch and Jacob Rothschild along with ex CIA head R. James Woolsey and Wall street banker Michael Steinhardt.


And don’t forget Vanguard has vast holdings in Israeli banks and major companies.

However, Its biggest holding is Royal Dutch Shell PLC

As of Jan 2018 Royal Dutch Shell PLC is giving up on its last oil fields in Iraq, leaving the world’s second-biggest oil company with a dwindling footprint in the Middle East, a region it helped build into a petroleum powerhouse.

Vanguard also had a major stake in BP a few years back which it disposed of a few months before the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

See …

Is Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Responsible For BP Oil Spill?

Goldman Sachs and the CEO of BP at the time Tony Hayward also disposed of stock before the event.


Tony Hayward went on to become chairman of another Middle East oil company coincidently named Genel energy.

He founded the Kurdistan-focused oil explorer with City financier Nat Rothschild.

The Rothschild family helped set up Israel.

The US government supplies Israel with arms.

Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT) is the U.S. government’s largest contractor. Its largest customer is the Defense Department, to which it supplies weapons systems, aircraft and logistical support.

The company generated $51 billion in annual revenue and $2 billion in net income for 2017. It paid $2.1 billion in dividends.

Three of the top 10 mutual fund Lockheed Martin shareholders are passively managed index funds by Vanguard, Vanguard holds 7.09% of Lockheed Martin stock – a stake worth over $6.5 billion at the time.

Connect the dots and the picture becomes clear.

Could the picture be Israel was not set up solely to repatriate Jews, rather to police the region and protect US and Rothschild energy interests whilst providing major revenues for arms companies?

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