UKIP leader calls on May to resign

Gerard Batten will deliver an open letter to Theresa May later today calling on her to step down.

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Gerard Batten MEP – “It is now clear we have a co-ordinated effort at the heart of Westminster to betray Brexit!.”

Batten’s been predicting a betrayal of Brexit for many months.

Published Jun 14, 2018

UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten slams secret Europe House meeting of ‘Remainers’ attended by Tory Brexit rebel, Dominic Grieve.

UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP, has slammed a secret meeting of ‘Remainers’ attended by Tory ‘Brexit rebel in chief,’ Dominic Grieve, saying, “it is now clear we have a co-ordinated effort at the heart of Westminster to betray Brexit!.”

Mr Batten’s comments came after it was revealed former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve – the man behind the latest attempts in Westminster to derail the Brexit process – attended a meeting of committed ‘Remainers,’ held at the EU’s London headquarters.

Other attendees included Tony Blair’s hated former spin doctor, Alistair Campbell; Tory and Lib Dem peers, and representatives of several ‘remain’ groups that are seeking to overturn the UK’s 2016 referendum.

Speaking from Strasbourg, Mr Batten said, “it defies belief for Dominic Grieve to try to claim he is not working towards stopping the UK leaving the EU; when just hours after his latest attempts to derail the UK’s Brexit negotiations in Westminster, he just happens to be meeting with individuals and groups committed to overturning the referendum result.

“This is like a rerun of 1972 when an unholy alliance of Tory, Labour and Liberal MPs manoeuvred the House of Commons into taking us into the European Economic Community. Now forty-six years later we are in grave danger of seeing the same thing in reverse.

Mr Batten continued, “for me, Mr Grieve’s attendance at this meeting, proves his true intension is to overturn Brexit and keep the UK in the European Union.”

“Equally worrying is the EU’s involvement in this cabal seeking to subvert democracy. By allowing their London headquarters to be used to hold this meeting, the EU have once and for all proved they are providing resources to groups meddling in Britain’s democratic process.”

“While we have always suspected that ‘an enemy within’ was working towards overturning the peoples vote to leave the EU, it is becoming increasingly evident that the efforts are highly organised and co-ordinated throughout sections of the establishment.

“Seeking to subvert democracy is a dangerous game. Far from changing the public’s mind, the continuation of ‘project fear,’ and the establishment backroom dealing, has done little more than polarise opinion and make people even more determined to leave the corrupt and damaging EU project.

“If the Referendum result is overturned then it will destroy all trust in the public for our democratic system.

“Therefore, if MPs such as Chuka Umunna and Anna Soubry believe the creation of a new pro-remain political party will help their cause, they are sadly mistaken. We already have three pro-remain parties in Westminster, yet, outside of London, the people remain resolute behind the referendum result.”





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