UKC: Worst Of All Worlds

Ex-cabinet minister Justine Greening is calling Theresa May’s Brexit white paper as “… the worst of all worlds…” , perhaps a reference to David Cameron’s speech:
The best of both worlds: the United Kingdom’s special status in a reformed European Union:

I just watched the Trump-Putin press conference from Helsinki. I now wonder how the BBC and UK government will spin this as a disaster when I just witnessed something extraordinary.

Pre show:

Cancer video supplied by Clive de Carle’s newsletter


Just to summarise social media on Helsinki today

Show time…

Trump in Helsinki
Increasingly clear anything Trump ties will be ripped to shreds…

Nancy Pelosi…says Trump must cancel immediately


Nord Stream 2

The €U / Germany needs energy security

OPCW Novichuckle 2 the sequel

chat box: A lot of world leaders have visited Moscow and met The Boss in the last 12 months. Notable exception Miserable May. What is her problem?


Brexit 2nd referendum

Worst of all worlds!

Space Port Sutherland Scotland

Lockheed Martin yeah!

Blue Streak and Black Arrow both cancelled due to €U membership

National pride? The cartoon looked really good!… splashing rockets across the Scottish countryside.

Globalised business is a US security issue

World Drug Report
Opium up!

First batch of ‘White Helmets’ evacuated

Terrorists coming home… to UK!

21st Century article by Vanessa Beeley

Clearing up Syria may pose a threat to Israel, so Israel will ramp up disruption

Gaza on verge of war with Israel?

BBC Israel has the right to use reasonable force to defend against explosive kites…

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Last Show: UKC Brexit SOS

UKC: Brexit SOS


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