UKC: The Pearle Office Mandates…

David Cameron stated no boots on the ground…. but, that was that merely more cabbage patch comedy? Does Treason May run the UK or is the myth of the Pearle Office a reality? Is it the Pearle Office directing the gender agenda, boots on the ground in Syria and the Brexit fudge?

Is it OK to be white and straight in the UK? The gender agenda is relentless.
Is it OK to be gay in the UK?
Two-thirds of LGBT people ‘fear holding hands in public’

Pre show chat box…
UK Police Allege Two Hitmen ‘With Close Ties to Russia’ Involved in Skripal Case
Treason May is appointing a new LGBT Tsar..
on the LGBT thing, Miss Universe now enters new territory…

Show time…
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Theresa May thanks solidarity against Russia!…. the screen was a tad blurred.

UK military bases in Syria?

Cameron: no boots on the ground.
Parliamentary mandate to be in Syria?
The Pearle Office?

F35… loss making project

Pearle Office Mandate For UK Boots On Syrian Ground

Russian army games…

Trump reasonable letter interpreted as threat by CNN et al…

Trump sends NATO ‘threat’ to Solberg

Trump-Putin summit

Russians positive about summit

Ry Dawson and Saker on Syria etc

Melanie Shaw court 10 July

What Is A Mention Hearing In Court?

Mel Shaw

The Truth Project spins the truth…

Richard Hall on David Icke:

Back to Treason May…. Brexit white paper due

Merkel migrant agreement….

Processing centres announced, though not agreed by countries where centres due to be.

Back home UK court system.
Powerful letter: Judges need retraining

Lord Chancellor promoting business

Companies buying back own shares…

Next economic bubble


Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.


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