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Novichuckle? Nothing to do with the pending Trump-Putin summit 16 July, is it? Are the UK public really falling for this Alice in Wonderland story? Savage Chavinj has given Russia a warning in parliament: the world is watching you! I bet Putin must be wetting his baby wipes…. and yes, the BBC are reporting Pubic Health England’s recommendations to use baby wipes and wash and Novichuckle infected clothing in the washing machine. Oh, and Brexit continues to be a threat to the universe.


Pre show chat box…

Breaking- UK Novichok addiction rate doubles in four months. Government to hold emergency meeting. More Soon…
Good afternoon, everyone. Another beautiful warm and sunny day. Ideal conditions for the spreading of Novichok – but don’t tell the BBC.
Newbies Nobbled by Nasty Novichok. Naffed off Nation Novichuckles at New Nonsense. Newspapers Narrate Nebulous Negativism.
Common purpose graduates list here >>> IT projects that are failing.

Show time…
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Novichuckle confirmed

Pubic Health England… no significant health risk to public

Wash clothing, use 2 bags for waste material, use baby wipes, soap and water… the mind boggles.


Original article before it was edited….

There is no challenge to the official story….

Graham Downing.
Rise in mortality

Vaccines? Association to over-medication to newly born.

Both the table of UK regions and the table of vaguely Western countries indicate close correlations between Pakistani communities and infant mortality. Not implying neglect of children by parents but there is a huge amount of inbreeding among Pakistanis.

Jamie Cooke… talks of radical change, land ownership, Agenda 21 type language

Universal Credit

1,000,000 to die early this year?

Technocracy now.
Creative accounting

Matt Handycock in Paris
Digital Dynamo!

Data AI

Poking the bear…

War is NOT boring… for those with vested interest:

VIDEO: Missile Explodes During German Frigate Training Exercise; Incident Similar to 2015 U.S. Navy Explosion

VIDEO: Missile Explodes During German Frigate Training Exercise; Incident Similar to 2015 U.S. Navy Explosion

The German Air Force Is Falling to Pieces

Pro €U stooges at MoD
35,000 US troops still stationed in Germany. Trump chokes on his coffee

Safe Guard Children…–2

Nick charged for false claims of abuse

CPS: CrapPerversionService

Reports by Sir Richard Henriques… independent!!

The Abuse of Grandma B – How Corrupt Officials are plundering the Assets of the Elderly

Mrs Barbara Hofschroer c/o
York Social Services
Haxby Hall
York Road
York Y032 3DX

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Dr Graham Downing with today’s news update from the UK Column.


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UKC: 9 3/4 Muggleton Road


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