UKC: Talk About Trump & GcMAF

A quite extraordinary UKC episode. Watch it! There are so many important points from Trump at NATO to evidence suggesting a next false flag being organised in Syria. But, perhaps the case of GcMAF must be highlighted. Ian R. Crane gave a presentation on GcMAF at AV9. The treatment of David Noakes, his family and colleagues is an outright disgrace…. at time of posting there is still no YouTube UK post:


Pre show chat box…

Mandelbulb Flight

Sordik Khant You’ve Been Trumped:

Show time…

Russia 2018 has been fascinating…. UK establishment saved from their silly boycott by England’s exit.

NATO. Special session called by Trump who ignores NATO meeting protocol.
NATO say Russia Russia Russia….

North Korean rhetoric!?

Turkey buying material from Russia. Awkward…

€U military unification coming home! UK on the coat tails of France…

The media continue to slam Trump: America the loser, Trump unhinged, the damage by Trump cannot be repaired…

Nobody Nick Clugg

NATO loves Ukraine…

Georgina Sorosh keeps funding non binary bollix…
Soros may have used NGO to further business interests,7340,L-5307870,00.html

In addition to free parking…
£5million bung for Salisbury. Novichuckle compensation hush money.

Devon & Cornwall merger… €U regional policy.

Ellie Rice Twitter

The Defence & Security Accelerator to ensure everyone is happy

Who needs aircraft and sailors when you have AI and machines?

Demographic change.
Heavily Reframed Into Her Own Reality
Society of Leadership Fellows

Ultra Leaders!

Tracie Crouch

Business Govt Civil Society all inclusively together…

Soros’ Mythical Creatures

Every one of us is included! No one left behind!
Forget nostalgia…

At Home in One’s Past

GcMAF company closed….

You say abuse. BBC says harassment.
Westminster abuse victims ‘too scared to come forward’

Royals heckled

Western NGO preparing another chemical weapons attack in Syria…

Adverts for war victims for next planned false flag?

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Football World Cup: a great success for Russia and England
Hype in the western MainStream Media of ‘dangers’ – all fake news
01:20 – NATO summit: Trump persuades members to pay more
NATO declaration: Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia…
Astonishing continued attacks on Russian Federation but footy is allowed
Turkey to buy Russian S-400 air defence system
7 NATO allies to jointly buy maritime munitions & warehouse them together
16 NATO allies to jointly buy land munitions & warehouse them together
No shortage of money for new NATO building
International Law has been replaced with ‘rules-based International order’
Trump hysteria continues: Project Syndicate – America the loser
Nick Clegg to join anti-Trump demo…
Ynet news: Soros may have used NGO to further business interests
15:25 – Novichok: good for Amesbury – free parking and £5 million bung
Is the bung guilt on behalf of the government…? Still no risk assessments…
17:55 – UKC viewer picks up Police tweet: who is Ellie Rice…?
Meet Lucy Mason – head of Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA)
DASA holds ‘innovation event’ alongside crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth
Lucy Mason’s expertise: archaeology and anthropology…
Lucy Mason & GCHQ: living in the internet of things…and crazy golf
Society of Leadership Fellows: Common Purpose reframing for ‘elite’ leaders
33:34 – Tracey Crouch Tweet: bringing together business and civil society…
Obama’s hope & change = inclusivity = communitarianism = the hive mind
Existing structures must be destroyed for new structure to take over
DEMOS report: Nostalgia
39:27 – Guernsey Press: Company behind GcMaf is declared insolvent…
David Noakes letter to Guernsey Press editor: witness statement was perjury
Twenty officers illegally search Immuno Biotech for twelve hours
45:00 – BBC article cloakes Westminster child abuse with ‘alleged harassment’
Melanie Shaw still locked up to silence her
45:44 – Syria: people required to shoot documentary film…


Last show: UKC: Bung Job Coming Home

UKC: Bung Job Coming Home


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