UKC: Scales Of Injustice

UK Column layout why Brexit continues to be without any real exit. David Lammy and Gary Lineker get mentions; a high ranking naval officer compares an aircraft carrier to an i-phone. Indeed, yesterday’s la-la land UK seamlessly runs into today.

UK Column News – 27th July 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – Rain and cloud dampens global warming scare
00:55 – Brexit: Dominic and Michel up a tree…
EU ‘cannot and will not’ accept key part of Theresa May’s Brexit plan
European Court of Justice or British Law…?
EU extradition treaty to remain…military unification continues
Brexit without the exit…Britain will still be subject to EU governance mechanisms
David Lammy MP: Gary Lineker joins campaign for second Brexit referendum…
Democracy: now abandoned forever…?
14:38 – Parliament: online game for children – be an MP for a week
Parliament diluted into fantasy land, psychological manipulation and gaming
No mention of the whip’s blackmail in the real ‘game’…
Propaganda: children being brainwashed to believe lies
26:30 – Royal Navy Type 31e frigate programme abruptly suspended
First Sea Lord compares Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier to an iPhone…
31:28 – Tommy Robinson court notes appear
British Justice not seen to be done…the perversion of justice by video link
Melanie Shaw: exactly the same video situation in court – denial of justice
37:04 – New Council for Internet Safety led by Margot James
A communitarian infrastructure is being built with no democratic control
The hypocrisy of ‘independent’ organisations controlled by government
41:29 – BBC’s daily digest of promoted ‘news’…
BBC promotes the message that traditional culture is wrong
Proud producer and BBC ‘change agent’
BBC ‘soft power’ helps stir social unrest in Lebanon
The same power controls government, think tanks, third sector, civil service…
BBC Global ‘news’ bureau

Pre show chat box:
Nominate Melanie Shaw and make it go viral

We need another vote… Brexit threat to sandwiches

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
The death of Brexit

UK to recognise €U court of justice
Exchanging DNA
Vehicle registration details
swift and effective extradition
€U-UK defense unification
Brexit without the exit stands
Ambitious free trade agreement
He Has Not Rejected May’s Proposal!

Mainstream news today: fake news

Imagine having a government that walked away!

Thank goodness for Gary Lineker not bending to the will of the people bollix!
Will Of The People Bollix

MP for a week

How do MP’s select between their own views and the party line?

Defense: blow to Scottish ship building. More fake news?

Help me to see what I’m trying to do!
An aircraft carrier is similar to an i-phone

Tommy Robinson case… video
Video links!?

New Council For Internet Safety
Margot James: Digital Minister

Communitarian infrastructure being created
Policy to control our lives. think tanks, behind closed doors, compliance, central control

BBC News Daily
Heavy metal all female band bringing girl power to Lebanon

Last Show: UKC: La-La- Land UK

UKC: La-La Land UK


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