UKC: Once Upon A Time £275K

Training children to delay adulthood. Once upon a time a Foreign Minster sanctioned £millions to fund the White Helmets, blamed President Assad for chemical weapon attacks, blamed the Russians for poisoning British citizens on British soil, resigned form his post and took up a new £275K / year gig to write a column for The Daily telegraph. Nice.

Some perspective on Trump flouting etiquette with Putin: President H.W. Bush actually threw up on the Chinese Premier and Obama bowed to the Saudi King:
Helsinki Backlash!
Your Voice America are pro-Christian-Zionist and have apparently limited knowledge on Syria, Iran etc, but on Trump they have been consistently accurate:

Pre show:
Child Abuse Inquiry, fined £200,000 for revealing identities of victims
chat box: the taxpayer is fined!
Putin and I Got Along Well Which Truly Bothered Many Haters

Show time:
Boris? Failed govt. Failed state!
Broken rules…

£275K for writing with

Pair off to vote? Brandon ignores protocol and cheats.

Corbyn. Redefine anti-Semitism.

Margaret Hodge to Corbyn
“You’re an effing anti-Semite and a racist…”

chat box: the Soros backed huff-post
Ms Hodge has no real credibility since she called the Islington child abuse victims liars and frauds

Anna Soubry: Rees-Mogg runs the government.
chat box: You spelt Anna’s name wrong. It’s B-I-T-C-H

Leave fined

chat box: A woman once said of Soames in the bedroom: It’s like a wardrobe falling on you with the key still in the lock.
Soames: gross!

Ben Bradshaw: Brexit won’t happen.

Prediction or deliberate plan to stop Brexit?

UK military to support France… paper boy Williamson

chat box: C’est de la merde!


Horizon Planning Scheme
Experts from outside govt.

Jeremy Haywood
David Lidington

The Ten Commandments of Horizon Scanning

This Is Not A Statement Of Government Policy

chat box: That is the ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ of quantum mechanics.

Delay adulthood… keep the infantile/childish mind set

Cabinet Office Social Action Fund?

chat box: premature sexualisation is said to lead to emotional immaturity in adulthood

Social change through libraries and childish material

All Party Parliamentary group On Drones

Launch of APPG Inquiry Report, ‘The UK’s use of Armed Drones: Working with Partners’

Russian ‘spy’ arrested
Craig Murry says all countries do it…

Novichok 2
Perfume bottle of Novichok sprayed on wrists

Hofschröer €U Gulag…

Genetically modified babies.

We’re talking eugenics!

Mutant Powers!

chat box: Hollywood prepackaged daydreams now indistinguishable from policy initiatives

Transgender in prison

Common sense out of the window

Published on 18 Jul 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

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UKC: Ignore This Story


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