UKC: Lies Death Lies

There’s a Salisbury Novichok related death. David Davis resigns. Vanessa Beeley gives valuable analysis on Syria, White Helmets and a bit part player example Prof. Scott Lucas…

The BBC have misled the taxpayer on Russia. Apparently, the Russian’s Fan ID card system has been very successful for visiting during the World Cup. As a caller from Russia told the BBC, ‘… the BBC  have attempted to humiliate Russia in a most disrespectful manner…’ day in day out. The BBC wanted hooliganism in Russia. They now have hooliganism in Salisbury.

Did Israel Bomb T-4 Base in Syria?

Pre show chat box…
Surrey very overcast by politics, balloon Trump being allowed to fly by sick Home Sec. Other things, too.
Police are quietly shelving ONE MILLION cases a year.

Show time…
Killed by the Kremlin… a typical measured, understated UK media snooze paper headline:

Great speech here from Gerald Batten on Br**** (Brexit without exit)

UKIP leader calls on May to resign

Public Health England

Kremlin Kills?
Radio 4’s anti-Russia propaganda merchant Frank Gardner slipped-up this morning. He said when Police find the container….
When they can identify the novichok as novichok, then we will know that the novichok used was novichok.
Steve Baker for those interested

England Vs Brussels, the result would have to be replayed until Brussels won!

BBC continues to mislead on OPCW’s Douma ‘chlorine gas’ report


The BBC Simply Lying
You say lying. I say stretching the truth.
Bombing on the strength of contentious reports

Vanessa Beeley Patron:

Professor Scott Lucas…
I listened in on a call from Brian to Scott Lucas in which Lucas went all girly aggressive and then denied it to me on Twitter.

The Toran Center
Chatham House linked
Toran: intellectual structure based on scholarly foundations…

Not sure whether it’s the same word, but Touran was the old name of a pan-Central Asian caliphate.

anyone heard of Enuma Elish? found a few old video’s that fall into the interesting category
Enuma Ēlish is the Babylonian creation myth.

Turkish link to Turan? Mother of all Turkish peoples?
Yes, linguistically it WOULD be a Turkish plan.
See, Vanessa just confirmed what I said. The Turkish caliphate types always use the term Touran.

Humans in cages – a necessary tactic says Scot Lucas!
There is a Touran Alem Bank in Kazakhstan, for instance. It’s a term implying the Middle East will dominate the world.

Scot Lucas another bit player in the SNC-MEK ‘regime’ change game

David David quits.

Brexit Without The Exit

Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Novichok 2.0 the sequel…woman dies from ‘poisoning’
Many similarities to the Skripal case – Fentanyl initially suspected by CSJ
Clinical Services Journal article has since been changed…
Swindon Advertiser: Doctors warn of super-strength synthetic heroin in Wiltshire
MainStream Media advice is schizophrenic to say the least
Event timing is suspect: Syrian Army winning; upcoming Putin-Trump meeting
BBC: stretching the truth again = fake news
18:10 – Guardian: how Syria’s white helmets became victims of online propaganda
Twitter: Kevork Almassian takes on Scott Lucas…who is Scott Lucas…?
Network diagram & explanation of many connections to NGOs and terrorist groups
Primary funding for Toran Centre comes from Turkey
Scott Lucas on Syria: no answers…just distraction and deflection – totally biased
Iran the next target for Scott Lucas…?
This shows infiltration of academic institutions in the UK to control the narrative
40:35 – David Davis resigns as Brexit Minister
Brexit without the exit…


Last show: UKC: Orange Warning In Muggleland

UKC: Orange Warning In Muggleland


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