UKC: Exodus Of The Exceptionals

The White Helmets helped by the UN via Israel. Penny Mordaunting pays tribute to the brave Helmets. Latest Novichuckle casulalty hidden from us by MI5/6/which ever… Amazon Brexit fears, Savage Chavinj says yes kill them and Assange is compared to Tony Bliar.

Published 23 Jul 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Show notes: links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Heroes of the hour! The White Helmets?

Saved 500 survivors / week?!

Exodus From Syria
Exceptional refugees

Penny Mordaunting pays tribute to brave Helmets
“She loves you yeah yeah yeah…”

Not real Syria Defense!
Not volunteers – mercenaries

Peter Ford asks awkward questions..

not volunteers
helping only terrorist held aread
100% male Sunni Salafist
saved 115,000 lives? Not one documented account of saving a survivor
No documentation
White Helmets are targets of attacks?
Save 500 / week?

Perhaps the White Helmets invited to the UK will be invited to 10 Dowing street for Cucumber sandwiches and a spot of tiffin with The PM?

Interesting speculation her, which would explain much

Coalition collateral damage? Many civilians killed

Charlie Rowley out of hospital!

Bottle of perfume broken

If you didn’t drop it, don’t pick it up!

Amazon Brexit fear in deep state Times
News or propaganda?

The İSİS Beatles

Death penalty?

Savage Chavinj sanctions death!

The Beatles green screen studio productions

Julian Assange

Tony Blair’s institute gets $10m from Saudi Arabia for modernization help

Trump Tweets Threat Iran

Israel enshrines apardeit state into law.
Palestinians: 2nd class citizens

Last Show: UKC: Trump Derangement Syndrome

UKC: Trump Derangement Syndrome


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