UKC: Esoteric Trump

Theresa May’s Brexit is without the exit. UKC layout material on the BBC apparently using witchcraft and the tarot to combat Trump. The BBC news in the last 24 hours has accused Trump of inappropriate sexual relations with grown women; perhaps the BBC rather deem children as more appropriate?! Perhaps the BBC could report on such cases as Melanie Shaw…. some days there is so much material in just one UKC show; too much to squeeze into one spontaneous illustration. Whatever, watch the UKC!

Pre show chat box…

Have Novichok, will travel….
Novichok poisoning: Probe spreads to Swindon where police seize car as second victim could have just days to live
Melanie’s case this morning resulted in a trial for 7th August
Workhouse… as mentioned: Sordik Khant…

Trump Is Coming To Town!

Show time…

Assad: Boris said I had to go!

Handycock: Carbon based life forms into silicon life forms

Sir Alan Duncan: Rees-Mogg’s insolence…

Questions raised over Jeremy Wright appointment as secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport

May’s Brexit deal…
Treason: you are the weakest link!
Upfront sovereign decision? An €U colony?
You say free trade area. I say single market.

Theresa May addresses David Davis and Boris Johnson resignations – Daily Mail

Best of both worlds 2015…

Brexit trade partnership?

Irish reaction…

Farage to return?

€U security and defence agreement declaration…

€U to Trump… we hate you!

chat box: he has EU by the curlies

City of London mouth piece:
Trump is jettisoning the whole Liberal World Order

The tarot to save people from Trump!

chat box: Thomas Sheridan warns that occult practices will backfire if used inappropriately.

Trump the magician stirs up the black witchcraft

Trump Is A Card! The BBC is reporting spirit cooking…

Introduction to Sociology – the study of the world we create

Esoteric Trump!

Didem Tali?

Melanie Shaw
07 August trial

Melanie Shaw Exposure

Pushing revolutionary activity in Iran…

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Mark Anderson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Last show: UKC: Lies Death Lies

UKC: Lies Death Lies


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